Week 16 – Popular Music

Week 16 – Your views on popular music

I don’t really have a view.

I listen to the radio in the morning, so I’m averagely informed about current pop music, but I grow bored listening to the radio after about an hour. So I’ll turn it off and prefer the silence or sounds coming in from outdoors.

When I was around 13, I couldn’t imagine ever not being interested in who’s hot and who’s not, but at 25 I have become that very person. I’ve got my favorite music, which centers somewhere inbetween classic, country and 90s and I pretty much listen to it and that’s it.

Anything you’d like to share about pop music?

Week 15 – favorite blogs

Week 15 – Your favorite blogs

There are about 15 blogs I follow more or less regularly. They’re all kinds of different, that’s why I keep them in different lists:

Daily Life Blogs:

Healthy Living:

Family Blogs:

What are your favorite blogs?

Week 14 – Earliest memory

Week 14 – Your earliest memory

There are several memories I’d put into the earliest memory drawer, because they all happened around the same time when I was about 2 -2 1/2 years.

I remember being in the garden with my grandpa picking berries. He warned me to stay away from the dog – who kept following me around. Imagine an old German shepherd’s dog, very intimidating for a 2 year old. Talk about eye level ;-).

The other memory is me being with my mom. We’re on the way to university sitting in the train. Yes, my mom was still studying when I was born. Later we went to the library where I got some sweets from the dorrman. I also remember sitting in the library and looking down at other people from some kind of gallery and that my mom was afraid I’d fall down.

I guess these are my earliest childhood memories. What are you first memories?


There hasn’t been going much on lately, as in there isn’t anything new to report :-).

I’ve been carrying the plants and furniture on our balcony around a lot these last few weeks due to weather warnings. This means that it’s officially summer, because we A) use our furniture B) have had more than one thunderstorm with lots of wind. I like this time of the year.

Today is my second last day of student life. On Friday I start my first real job. Isn’t it great to start working on a Friday? This means that I’ll have a weekend after only working for one day.

My allergies are finally coming to an end. I’m not taking any drugs any longer and my eyes and nose are only slightly itching. Great! This means that summer can now officially start for me, too.

I haven’t been working out for the last 8+ weeks. I feel incredibly bad about this. Not only is my body aching for some workouts, but I’m also psychically putting myself under pressure to restart working out again.

We went swimming for 20 minutes yesterday. It was our first outdoor swim this year. It was great and though it can’t be considered a workout it was nice to move the body a bit.

Week 13 – A place to live?

Week 13 – A place to move to or visit

There are so many places I’m thinking of, it’s difficult to choose only one!

As current plans are to stay in this country and also in the region I’m living in, the following places are rather places to visit:

in Europe:

  • London
  • Stockholm
  • Paris
  • Rome
  • Lisboa
  • Anywhere and everywhere in Spain
  • Oslo
  • Dublin

the rest of the World:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • the USA (California, the Midwest, Texas, the East Coast, Florida)

I’m not the person who wants/needs to go to exotic places like Thailand, Hawaii, etc. I guess that’s interesting, too, but there are other places I’d like to see first.

And it’s really difficult to pin down one place, even if it was about living there. I wouldn’t have a problem with any of the places listed above…

Is there one place you’d move to or visit or are there more than one?

Life’s good

I could be complaining.

About the rainy and cold weather we’ve been having these last couple of days.

About the fact that next week I’ll have to start working and end my student life.

That this whole wedding affair sometimes freaks me out, because there’s so much to think of and so many things to organize that I fear I’ll forget more than one thing. Which won’t matter in the end, I know ;-).

But if I’m honest. Life’s too good to be complaining.

The rain finally brought some alleviation to the suffering farmland and lead to a growth spurt for all the plants.

I can’t really wait to start working, now that I’ve found what looks like a pretty good position that offers so many opportunities.

I still have so much time to plan the wedding that everything will be perfect.

I have a loving and supporting family that I can always lean to if I need help.

We live in a socially and politically strong and save country.

So, I don’t have anything else to say than “Life’s good” – and it really is.