There hasn’t been going much on lately, as in there isn’t anything new to report :-).

I’ve been carrying the plants and furniture on our balcony around a lot these last few weeks due to weather warnings. This means that it’s officially summer, because we A) use our furniture B) have had more than one thunderstorm with lots of wind. I like this time of the year.

Today is my second last day of student life. On Friday I start my first real job. Isn’t it great to start working on a Friday? This means that I’ll have a weekend after only working for one day.

My allergies are finally coming to an end. I’m not taking any drugs any longer and my eyes and nose are only slightly itching. Great! This means that summer can now officially start for me, too.

I haven’t been working out for the last 8+ weeks. I feel incredibly bad about this. Not only is my body aching for some workouts, but I’m also psychically putting myself under pressure to restart working out again.

We went swimming for 20 minutes yesterday. It was our first outdoor swim this year. It was great and though it can’t be considered a workout it was nice to move the body a bit.

Fitness Friday (2)

Work(out) for 6 days – rest for 1 day… or rather the other way round.

Yeah, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to start the program right before a busy weekend, but if that’s the bar then I’d never start.

So, last week I successfully started into the first 2 days of the program and then arrived Saturday. I didn’t feel like working-out in the morning and I didn’t get back to even think about it for the rest of the day.

The same can be said for Sunday.

Monday came and my allergies hit me bad. So no morning run that day and unfortunately for the rest of the week. BUT, instead I slipped in a yoga workout. Nothing too strenuous, but some nice exercise that got my circulation running.

There is a saying that anything you keep for three weeks in a row becomes a regular habit.

So, currently I’m taking back with running for another  few weeks. Hopefully no longer than 3 weeks and I’ll keep to yoga and the 30 day Shred instead. I’m also considering going to the gym, because that would give me the possibility to workout and not having to spend any time outside that is longer than 20 minutes (my recent tolerance level).

Any tips you’d like to share about working out with allergies?

Fitness Friday (1)

I’ve found myself pretty unmotivated these past few months when it came to physical activity. Talk EVERY activity. I couldn’t motivate myself to do any yoga, running or anything else and it would go so far that whenever possible I’d take an elevator rather than the staircases or ride the public transport instead of walking 2 blocks.

The result: Walking the stairs into our 2nd floor apartment will leave me panting and catching for breath.

Now, I blame part of this to my allergies, because I generally have problems with breathing in spring, but the major part, I’m sure,  can be blamed to my non-existent sports activities. This also adds up to the fact that I’m still in the comfortable position of being able to eat anything without gaining weight.

See – zero motivation.

Fortunately I had to clean up our apartment this week and while sorting through old magazines and books I came across a 30-day running program that I got some years ago. I browsed through the pages and after looking at it for some minutes I could feel my body aching again to be moved.

That was exactly what I had been yearning for. And the best part: The program is not design for weight-loss or anything like that, but simply the fact to be running 30 or 60 mins. straight.

So from this day forward, Friday will be Fitness Friday, where I’ll take a look at the week’s workout sessions.

The program is, as I said before, a 30-day program consisting of running, strengthening, stretching and break days. I’m starting with the beginners program, hoping that at the end of the 30 days I’ll be able to run 30 mins. straight.

I started this Thursday and here are the stats:

May 19 – Day 1

Time: 36:00

Pace: 15:10/mi

Distance: 2.37 mi

May 20 – Day 2

30 Day Shred, Level 1


I have to admit something.

I love hanging around for up to an hour in my running gear AFTER I’ve run. Yeah, I know that sounds gross, but I take about that time to competely cool down. If I shower immediately after finishing my workout I’ll end up getting hot flushes. And my muscles will be a lot sorer, too.

So, that’s the deal. When I come back from a run, I’ll stretch or sometimes slip in a stretch yoga session which takes another 30 minutes. Then I’ll upload the data into the computer and edit the workout in In the meantime I drink about half a litre sparkling mineral water.

Sometimes Most of the time I end up reading some blogs and checking the news and emails. Then I’ll be ready to take a shower…

Any routines that you’ve developed before or after your workouts?


Yesterday morning I went running again. I logged 2.2 miles. That’s 0.18 miles more compared to last week. AND my body feels great today!

Here are the stats:

I figured out what was wrong with the Garmin last week. It just takes sooo long to find the satellites for the GPS navigation. So I’ll start it before I get dressed and put it on the balcony. It takes about 3-5 minutes to find a connection… But then all is fine.

I was doing some walking/running scheme, walking 1.5 minutes and running 3 minutes. I started quite fast and that was probably too fast, because I had to put one very slow and very long walking step during lap 6. I know that I’m still awefully slow, but I don’t have high expectations after not running for 6 months.

And as my body feels great today, I think I’ll squeeze in a second run on Sunday or Monday.

Happy Weekend to you all!

All things mixed up

  1. First things first. Thanks for all your kind comments last week. It was a blast taking part in the Writing Challenge and thanks for your wellwishes regarding my injury. More on that to come.
  2. I was up before 5 this morning. A Monday morning. Is this any indication of how much I was dreading this week? I’ll be all alone, because my boyfriend’s on some job travel…
  3. The weekend was great. Snowboarding on Saturday was so much fun. We had great weather – sun and spring-like temperatures and the snow was in a really good condition. Unfortunately our snowboarding teacher got two deep cuts due to an accident with another snowboarder and skier. It was no-one’s fault, just sheer bad luck.
  4. I’m sure you all did watch the Super Bowl. What a great game. I didn’t see it live, but just watched a recap which was great…
  5. I just was at the doctor’s and it turns out my hand’s not that well. The minor injuries on my fingers are ok, but the big one is not. They had to cut it open and will do so again tomorrow. Yay! Means, I’ll spend another week in bandages.
  6. I got another blogging award. Thanks to Cinnamon. I’m going to tell you more about it this week.
  7. I don’t have anything else to say today. Goodbye.

On healthy Living – Part 2

This post was originally written in April 2010. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

You can read Part 1 here.

On my search for the perfect sports I read lots of “sports” magazines. I had tons of them lying around in my room. Some were mere crap, some were nice, but all had one thing that really got on my nerves. My main goal for them was to become fit, get myself off the sofa and start moving. I didn’t have any spare pounds to loose. But the more I read those magazines, the more I became aware that the main goal of these so-called sports magazines was to promote ever new diets.

Hello? Does sports have anything to do with diets?

I’d say yes and no. I acknowledge that most people are not content with their weight for healthy or other reasons. And I’d also say that a diet can help to loose weight, but for me being fit and healthy doesn’t have anything to do with being skinny. I haven’t been moving my body for years and yet I stayed skinny. Every winter I’d wish for some spare pounds to make me more robust against the cold. I think that there are a lot of people who are more healthy than I am though they might have one or two pounds “too much”.

In my opinion healthy living is a combination of what you eat and what you do. You can’t do one diet after the other, but not do any sports and expect to be healthy. On the other hand, I also don’t think it’ll work, if you’re doing sports as hell, but continue to live off fast food.

So, here’s the deal I’ve made with myself: I’m doing lots of sports, actually, after working out for the last (very discplined) three months I’ve got my sixpack back, already at the end of March. I’m eating healthy throughout the week, but I allow myself to skip this on weekends. I also tried some meat dishes which I really enjoyed and I’m now even eating meat once in a while.

However, this turning of my life has cost me discipline – LOTS OF DISCIPLINE. And I consider myself rather disciplined in everyday life. But I came to think a lot about what I consume every day and I now eat deliberate. I try to put as much variation into food as possible.

I don’t know what you’re thinking about healthy living and sports, but I’d really like to know…

Thanks for reading