There hasn’t been going much on lately, as in there isn’t anything new to report :-).

I’ve been carrying the plants and furniture on our balcony around a lot these last few weeks due to weather warnings. This means that it’s officially summer, because we A) use our furniture B) have had more than one thunderstorm with lots of wind. I like this time of the year.

Today is my second last day of student life. On Friday I start my first real job. Isn’t it great to start working on a Friday? This means that I’ll have a weekend after only working for one day.

My allergies are finally coming to an end. I’m not taking any drugs any longer and my eyes and nose are only slightly itching. Great! This means that summer can now officially start for me, too.

I haven’t been working out for the last 8+ weeks. I feel incredibly bad about this. Not only is my body aching for some workouts, but I’m also psychically putting myself under pressure to restart working out again.

We went swimming for 20 minutes yesterday. It was our first outdoor swim this year. It was great and though it can’t be considered a workout it was nice to move the body a bit.

Life’s good

I could be complaining.

About the rainy and cold weather we’ve been having these last couple of days.

About the fact that next week I’ll have to start working and end my student life.

That this whole wedding affair sometimes freaks me out, because there’s so much to think of and so many things to organize that I fear I’ll forget more than one thing. Which won’t matter in the end, I know ;-).

But if I’m honest. Life’s too good to be complaining.

The rain finally brought some alleviation to the suffering farmland and lead to a growth spurt for all the plants.

I can’t really wait to start working, now that I’ve found what looks like a pretty good position that offers so many opportunities.

I still have so much time to plan the wedding that everything will be perfect.

I have a loving and supporting family that I can always lean to if I need help.

We live in a socially and politically strong and save country.

So, I don’t have anything else to say than “Life’s good” – and it really is.



Activities: running last minute errands before I start working in July, studying English with my cousin, visiting other couples’ weddings for inspiration

Loves: the nice summer weather with a few thunderstorms inbetween and thus wearing summer clothing

Hates: people I have to train for their job who refuse to take over the responsibility and think of ways to solve problems on their own, although they should long be working independently

Music: radio and church choirs to make a primary selection of the music we’d like for our wedding

Eats: salad and strawberries

Obsessions: wine on the balcony

Wishes: my allergies to stop so I can fully enjoy the summer temperatures without feeling like I have a cold all the time

Week of Firsts

Totally without connection to the post, except for being a first...

Last week was a week of firsts. In so many ways.

It was the first week of summer. We had sunshine all day, thunderstorms at night, temperatures in the  mid to high 70s.

It was also the first time I’ve painted my nails this summer. Just a light shade of pink.

As a result of painting my toenails I wore flip-flops. The ones I bought in Miami and was dying all winter to wear.

I started a 30 day program of running. I’ve done the first 4 days so far and I’m getting along very well.

I decided on my first “real-life” job. Having the choice between two different offers is pure luxury in this time.

We had the first family BBQ. Like a real big barbecue that involved sitting in the garden all evening.

It was a good week and now it’s time for another splendid week…


Do you remember my post about what was currently going on? Yeah, that was a scheduled post I had written on Ash Friday, knowing that I wouldn’t be online for at least the following 7 days. Little did I know, at that time, what else this journey was planning for me…

I had to work on Ash Saturday, so it was my boyfriend’s turn to do the last minute shopping. As we were planning, the night before, what needed to be done, he mentioned that he’d have to quickly go into town to “run some errands”.

This seemed strange to me, because I couldn’t think of anything that needed to be done in town. But, well, I’ll leave it to him to do whatever he likes…

When I got back from work the next day we had lunch and then – as we’re already old people 😉 – we took a nap. Yeah, that’s a habit we’ve developed. Whenever we have busy days ahead, we try to get a midday nap. Works really wonders.

But that Saturday it was impossible to sleep. He behaved like a kid on Christmas day, literally jumping around. When I asked what the matter was, he said that the Easter bunny had been here and hidden something in the apartment that I needed to search for.

Not suspecting anything I went on the hunt. I hadn’t expected anything and also had no idea where to look, so I slowly worked myself through all the hiding places, i.e. closets, drawers and boxes…

When suddenly I came accross a small blue/black box and found this:

Yes, he asked me to marry him. And, of course, I said yes.

We haven’t set a date yet, but it will be some time around late summer/early fall in 2012, so we have plenty of time for planning.

In the meantime I keep admiring the ring on my finger. It’s just perfect for me and he couldn’t have made a better choice. It’s gold and got a blue sapphire that shines either black or dark blue, depending on the light…

Week 6 – 25 interesting facts

Week 6 –30 interesting facts about yourself

I started this week’s topic a while back, because 30 things are an aweful lot and I normally don’t think so much about myself 😉 So I don’t know if you’ll even find these facts interesting…

  1. I’m both handed. My right hand is my stronger hand, but for some things I prefer to use my left hand, e.g. I hold knife and fork the other way round.
  2. I know how to mirror write and if I write something you’ll never guess it was mirror written (except the fact that you’ll have to use a mirror to read it.
  3. I’m fluent in 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian) plus my mother tongue and I know a bit Norwegian, Danish and Chinese. I also had Latin in school and can read most inscriptures in churches…
  4. I don’t follow trends. Honestly, I’m a fashion catastrophe. I don’t care whether something is in or out. I’ll wear things as long as I like them.
  5. In school people thought I was doing a lot of sports, because I was so skinny, though I was the laziest couch potato at that time.
  6. I can eat whatever I want and I will eat every 2-3 hours during the day and not gain a pound.
  7. I got my first computer game at 2 and I’ve been hooked with technology ever since. Well, the game was not really a game, but a screen saver that had a bee flying around the screen. I would sit there for hours watching the bee fly.
  8. I love cooking, but I hate cleaning up afterwards.
  9. I hate baking on the other hand.
  10. I’ve been a vegetarian from day 1 of my life. Yes, even as a baby I would refuse to eat anything that had meat in it. Later on, I’d always request cheese when the shop assistant offered a piece of sausage.
  11. I’ve had the same favorite colors all my life: blue, pink and violet.
  12. I change my hair style every 2-3 years. I will let my hair grow shoulder length and then crop it to only 2-3 inches length. It drives everybody crazy.
  13. When I was 14 I wanted to get blue hair. My mom wouldn’t allow it threatening to sell the concert tickets for Britney Spears. It worked 😉
  14. I’ve been wearing the same jewellery since I was 12: the ring I got from my parents for my firmation.
  15. I love blogging and writing codes. I also mess with my computer system making it do all kinds of things.
  16. I’m 5 ft. 4, but people always thinks I’m way taller, because of my long legs.
  17. I started snowboarding at 24 and everybody thought I’d drop out of the course after an hour. But I LOVE it!
  18. I feel more comfortable using the English language. It feels more like my mother tongue than German does.
  19. This was already the case when I was in High School. I got only A’s in English, but almost failed in my German classes.
  20. I’m still contemplating raising my future children bilingual, i.e. German and English.
  21. I’m the worst painter in the world.
  22. People think I’m pretty organized, but I’m absolutely chaotic.
  23. I’ve got the oldest cell phone in the world. It doens’t even have a camera that works.
  24. Though I generally hate anything Apple-related I think about getting the iPhone. Not yet sure, though.
  25. It was really hard to come up with 25 facts about me… Strange, I never think about things like these 😉

Any fun facts you’d like to share?