There hasn’t been going much on lately, as in there isn’t anything new to report :-).

I’ve been carrying the plants and furniture on our balcony around a lot these last few weeks due to weather warnings. This means that it’s officially summer, because we A) use our furniture B) have had more than one thunderstorm with lots of wind. I like this time of the year.

Today is my second last day of student life. On Friday I start my first real job. Isn’t it great to start working on a Friday? This means that I’ll have a weekend after only working for one day.

My allergies are finally coming to an end. I’m not taking any drugs any longer and my eyes and nose are only slightly itching. Great! This means that summer can now officially start for me, too.

I haven’t been working out for the last 8+ weeks. I feel incredibly bad about this. Not only is my body aching for some workouts, but I’m also psychically putting myself under pressure to restart working out again.

We went swimming for 20 minutes yesterday. It was our first outdoor swim this year. It was great and though it can’t be considered a workout it was nice to move the body a bit.

Week 9 – The Future

Week 9 – How do you hope the future will be

We’ve already had a question that involved the 10 year future, so I’ll do this a bit differently.

I’m an idealist and hopeless optimist. I hope that in the future the world will be more peaceful. I really do!

I can’t stand conflicts and while I acknowledge that on the small basis they are neccessary, like quarreling about who makes the dishes, I hope that on the grand scale we’ll find a more peaceful way of life.

Because life is precious.


Week 8 – Happiness

Week 8 – A time when you were happy with your life

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Does this suppose that I’m not happy at the moment?! I guess not, because I am not, but anyways. A time when I vividly remember being “happy with my life”, like ALL THE TIME was while I was graduating from High School.

I remember these last months of school followed by an incredible summer in Spain and the beginning of my studies like one flow where I was just constantly happy. There seemed to be no limit and that I could do whatever I wanted.

I had successfully graduated and it felt like such a big accomplishment. And then  I got the chance to spend an incredible summer in Spain where I met so many great people from around the world. We had lots of fun and though it might not have seemed at that time, I learned a lot.

Then coming back I started studying Business Administration at university and this “new” student life felt just great, though it was hard work, too.

And now? I’m one stage further. I’ve successfully graduated from University and in a few weeks’ time I’ll be carrying a diploma. I’m still happy with my life, though in a different way. I’ve learned some lessons and reached some limits. I’ve changed the direction of my path a bit and I’m curious where this will lead me.

I know that life can’t be sunshine every day, but that would become boring after some time, too, wouldn’t it? So, what about enjoying the happy times and remembering them the rest of the time and looking forward to other happy times?

Is there a particular phase of your life that you remember being “extraordinary” happy?

Week 2 – 10 years

Week 2. Today’s topic is: Where will you be in 10 years?

In 10 years I’ll be 35. Scary 😉 Here are some of the plans:

  • I will hopefully have a career. Doesn’t have to be a full-time job, as I’d love to spend some time with my kids.
  • I will definitely be teaching Yoga.
  • I want to have 1+ kids.
  • I’m hopefully living in the country in nice house with a garden. I guess this would be my kids’ dream home…

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  • I pray that all my family will be healthy and happy.

Do you have any plans for the next 10 years to come?