Week 2 – 10 years

Week 2. Today’s topic is: Where will you be in 10 years?

In 10 years I’ll be 35. Scary ūüėČ Here are some of the plans:

  • I will hopefully have a career. Doesn’t have to be a full-time job, as I’d love to spend some time with my kids.
  • I will definitely be teaching Yoga.
  • I want to have 1+ kids.
  • I’m hopefully living in the country in nice house with a garden. I guess this would be my kids’ dream home…

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  • I pray that all my family will be healthy and happy.

Do you have any plans for the next 10 years to come?

Easter in Germany

I don’t know how you’re celebrating Easter, but from what I read on other blogs, most festivities concentrate on Easter Sunday. Here in Germany it’s a bit different. Easter celebrations start one week before the actual Easter weekend on Palm Sunday.

On Palm Sunday we celebrate the day when Jesus came to Jerusalem and was greated by the people who waved palm leaves.

We make small bouquets with catkins, hyacinths and branches from the box tree. It’s the Bavarian version of palm leaves, as the original trees don’t grow around our area.

We take them to church on Palm Sunday to have them sanctified. My mom told me that some people that some years ago people would have quite big bouquets who are used afterwards as a Easter bush which is put up in the house and decorated with eggs, very similar to Easter trees…

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the last week of lent. It’s a normal working week except for Good Friday which is a Holiday here.

On Thursday people who are protestant can take the day off to celebrate the Last Supper. Regardless of religious believe all shop, bars, restaurants and clubs must close by midnight.

On Friday, which is a National Holiday in all of ¬†Germany, only shops like bakeries or gas stations may open if they have special admittance. The churches hold prayers in remembrance of the Stations of the Cross. Many churches offer special prayers for children and young people. Then in the evening there’s the big prayer by the Pope who holds a Stations of the Cross around the Collosseum in Rome. This is broadcasted life in TV.

Also from Good Friday till Easter Sunday the bells of all churches don’t ring.

Holy Saturday is a half Holiday. Most shops open so people can stock supplies, but are most likely to close by midday. When I was a kid Holy Saturday would be used to paint the eggs and it still is, though we don’t paint as many eggs…

Either in the evening of Holy Saturday or before sunrise on Easter Sunday will be the big mass to celebrate the resurrection. Then normally all the family members gather for a big breakfast and the egg hunt.

This year, I spent Easter Sunday with my boyfriend’s family where we also went to mass in the morning. It’s kind of hard to get up at 4 am when it’s still pitch black outside, but while you’re in church you can see and hear the day arriving and this is an unpayable expierence… After mass we had a huge breakfast and did a small egg hunt. Given the fact that there were no small kids present we kept it to a total minimum.

I got a chocolate rabbit, chocolate eggs some soap and a cd…

After lunch we drove to my parents’ house to prepare for Easter Monday. This is also a Holiday in Germany. It was our turn to host the big get together of my dad’s siblings. So we spent Easter Sunday (quite unholy ;-)) preparing food and the rooms for Monday:

Monday was a total success. We spent the whole day eating and I was so busy I totally forgot to take any more photos than these two above (which I actually took on Sunday evening). Sorry for that.

But I really enjoyed seeing all the family again. I hope you had a nice Easter weekend as well and I’d love to know what you’re doing or if you have any special customs… Thanks for reading…

What photographs can tell you…

Last week I started a new project: Digitalizing and filing old photographs. My parents have tons of old slides that date back into the 70s, when my parents were teens. They are alphabetically and chronologically ordered and stored away in my parents study.

However, over time we’ve noticed a slight loss of quality, especially among the older slides. So my dad dug into the internet and found a guy who lends machines to digitalize slides. We registered and finally after a month-ling wait the machine arrived last week.

It’s not as big as I imagined it. And it really works some magic… You put the slides in stapels into the machine who then takes them and digitalizes them individually. Almost like with Photoshop you an edit the pictures, enlighten them or make them darker… The only slight disadvantage is that it takes reaaally long… About 30 photos per hour. Imagine the time involved when you have about 3000 slides that want to be digitalized…

Digging through all those photos I found real treasures. Some photos were just from some years ago during my “wild” teenager years ;-), others showed my grandparents and my parents when they were younger. All but a few pictures were taken by my dad and I deeply admire his ability to take photos. He should really have become a photographer. On most of the photos are people, family and friends and they never stand still. They didn’t stop what they were doing to have the photo taken, but are just caught in action. This reminds me a lot of the pictures in Harry Potter, that actually move, like in a video.

For example, just take this picture of me when I was around 16. We were sitting on our terrace one afternoon in summer and my dad just took his camera to shoot some photos…

My brother, me and some friends were playing games, enjoying ourselves while my dad would walk around the table shooting photos. This is one he took of me. I didn’t even notice he was taking the photo. And still, you can catch so many true emotions looking at the picture: I was truly amused by something, enjoying the time and highly concentrated on the game.

Or this photo, which was taken last summer.

We were at my uncle’s birthday sitting in the garden. This sime I knew my dad was taking pictures and when he took this one I was quite sure I was the object, so I kind of “froze” in my action, looking at my little cousin sitting across the table painting… Do you notice the look on my face?! This lightly amused Look? There are tons of pictures of me with exactly this look. It seems to be one of my favorites… And displays so much of my personality – how much I love to smile and never to think negative… Do you think that one can get glimpses of a person’s character/personality on a photograph? Do you have a favorite photo?

Oh, I could show you tons of photos… I also found some nice panoramics that I plan to use as header to this blog…

Thanks for reading. I’ll be “offline” for the rest of this week and the beginning of next, because of Easter. Have a wonderful time with your families and friends…

Random Tuesday Thoughts (6)


I suppose for most of the people who read my blog today’s topic is not very relevant, because you’ve all got your life more or less in order and paths are laid out. For me, however, the time to decide what I want to do the next years has come yet again.

I remember when I finished school, I was pretty confident, believing that the¬†world was mine to conquer. I wanted to get a career and I didn’t really plan to stay in Germany on the long run. See, I’m fluent in English and I’ve always loved the American culture, so I thought it was natural considering an emigration… I’ve stayed abroad so often in my life, I knew that it was gonna be tough, but still.

Right after High School I went to live in Spain for some time. This was¬†awesome. I met so many nice people from around the world and with many I’m still in contact. I had all planned and laid out in front of me:

  1. Study Business Administration
  2. Study abroad as exchange student (Spain)
  3. Finish my degree, get a nice job

Yeah, well I didn’t consider one thing (or rather some):

Men, Family, Kids. It just didn’t pop up on my radar. Not that I don’t like kids. I LOVE kids, but I never thought about having a family. This changed apruptly when I met my boyfriend. He’s the total opposite from me. Deeply rooted in the village he’s from, content with his life, his career path laid out in front of him. He wouldn’t mind staying in the same area that we’re now both living in for the rest of his life. And he’d LOVE to have kids.

So here’s my dilemma now:

I’m finishing my Degree in Fall and I’d love to have a career. At least, partially (I don’t have to become CEO of an international company…). I’d love to travel the world a bit farther, to the US and maybe stay to work there for some years. But on the other hand I’d love to have kids. This on the other hand, implies that I’ll either become a SAHM or have to pay a lot for a full-time nanny. I don’t favour any of the alternatives and I’m not against any of them and I think that’s the problem. I can’t decide what to do.¬†Depending on my daily mood I’ll prefer the one or the other.

I mean, I’m still only 24, so I can build a career now and then have kids when I’m 30, but I get the feeling that I have to decide now… Sorry, about being so personal, but that’s my Random Thoughts not only on Tuesday, but for pretty much of the week… I think I just needed to get this out of my system…

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week…