Eurovision Song Contest

You all know American Idol. We got that in Germany, too. Here it’s called something like “Germany’s looking for the next Star”. Sounds a lot like scrambling around in a kids room looking under the bed what you may find. Well, it’s like that, basically. Most singers who won the show aren’t famous any longer. They published their first album and then got lost in the universe.

But that won’t be today’s topic. Today it’s the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a show that is held only once a year in May. As you may deduct from the name “Eurovision” it’s a show where all European Countries take part (more or less). Basically it’s nothing else then American Idol, but still so much more. It’s a song contest, where one participant from each country (that have qualified for the finals) presents his/her song and then a winner is chosen. There is no such thing as a jury on tv. Only the viewers may select who they liked best, based on the song who’s been presented.

Years ago, this show got young and unknown singers started and could really boost a career. Today it’s more vice-versa, famous national and international singers presenting songs. But still, it’s so much fun to watch. Of course, to maintain the “high quality” of the art there will be National competitions to choose the one singer representing the country.

This year presenting Germany is a young lady called Lena:

Do you like the song? Yeah, it’s nice, but I can’t really understand what she’s singing… However, there are great rivalties between the countries and glory is all ;-). Since a young woman called Nicole won the Contest for Germany in 1982 Germany hasn’t had the honor again.

So we’ve held all kinds of competitions and even had one of our best entertainers take the stage:

Nothing helped. Anyways and regardless of who wins, I really love watching the finals, which will be on May 29th this year. It shows so much of the European diversity!  Many countries choose national artists to take part for their country and many even sing in country’s language.  Of course, that makes it difficult to understand most of the songs. So here are some of the countries that take part this year:



United Kingdom:





Who’s your favorite? Let me know and don’t miss the show which will also be broadcasted on the internet at


Yesterday I was planning a short trip to Copenhagen with my boyfriend. As always there is a huge variety at the beginning and you feel like you’ll never find your way through all the hotels and flights. After researching for just an hour we stumbled upon the best offer ever: Flight and Hotel (incl. breakfast) just for 340 € per person. That’s something you can’t ignore so here it goes and therefore I’ll post the hotel immediately, so you can book your room…

The Hotel is called WakeUp Hotel. And the rooms look extravagant, don’t they? I hope one will sleep as sound as the room looks like, if you can sleep at all considering the great view


and Copenhagen’s reputation as uprising en-vogue city of Europe. However, I’m a little sad that we probably won’t get to see the little mermaid as she is on tour through China (I was told). Instead we will have to make with some Chinese art, which will be great, too, I’m sure.

I’ll tell you more after my trip which will be in November, so stay patient.


Some time ago I went to visit a friend in Trondheim. I decided to go there just for a few days. So to save time I travelled by plane, having to change planes at Oslo International Airport.

I went there in spring, around the 1 May and was surprised by the weather. I had feared that there would be snow and cold weather around 0° C. However, it was the absolute opposite. While my family back at home suffered from snow and rain, we had picknick at the park, enjoying grilled salmon.

It was a very nice trip I would advise everybody to take, when you get the chance to be in Norway. Though it’s a small city, it offers great variety of cultural activities, shopping and going-out. If you like coutdoors activities you can also go hiking, sailing or canoeing. I assure, you won’t have time to get bored.

I still have some problems posting the pictures directly here, but you can find them here: