Why WordPress is probably the better alternative

When I first started blogging I wasn’t sure which platform to use.

For the first blog I created some years ago, I used a German platform that I found very difficult to work with. I registered with Blogger, but found this pretty difficult, too.  So, I chose WordPress. It seemed easier to handle the posts and most of the blogs I was reading at that time were hosted by WordPress.

After a while I discovered the pros and cons of the different platforms. I found out that with Blogger there are more possibilities to have your own design without having to pay, but it’s still quite uncomfortable to post.

WordPress, on the other hand, is relatively simple and comfortable when it comes to posting. It doesn’t however offer as much design possibilities if you’re not willing to pay.

And I discovered another plus today. I still use the Google/Blogger Reader in my blogger account. But today I couldn’t get access to it for quite a while due to server problems. I’ve experienced this a couple of times and I guess that the WordPress system is more stable, because I’ve never experienced any problems with it…

So I guess, in the end I made the right choice 😉


Yesterday morning I went running again. I logged 2.2 miles. That’s 0.18 miles more compared to last week. AND my body feels great today!

Here are the stats:

I figured out what was wrong with the Garmin last week. It just takes sooo long to find the satellites for the GPS navigation. So I’ll start it before I get dressed and put it on the balcony. It takes about 3-5 minutes to find a connection… But then all is fine.

I was doing some walking/running scheme, walking 1.5 minutes and running 3 minutes. I started quite fast and that was probably too fast, because I had to put one very slow and very long walking step during lap 6. I know that I’m still awefully slow, but I don’t have high expectations after not running for 6 months.

And as my body feels great today, I think I’ll squeeze in a second run on Sunday or Monday.

Happy Weekend to you all!


Wow, I think this was the longest break I’ve ever taken from blogging. I didn’t intend being absent for such a long time, but I just didn’t feel like it.

I handed in my diploma thesis on March 18th. Can you imagine, I’m done with university! Done, done, done! Yay! But after writing exactely 106,103 words (yes, I had them counted) I felt totally drained. So, I’ve been taking some days off and now I’m back in full force with new energy and up for new adventures.

This totally fits the fact that spring is finally here and we’ve been enjyoing wonderfully sunny days… Oh, it feels so good to be back and taking part in life!

Spring's here!

I’m baaaack

Man, how did we survive in the nineties, before Internet? I should remember, I grew up back then, but the human memory seems to be neglective (or at least mine is ;-)). But finally I’m back. Thanks guys from our Internet and Telephone company for giving civilization back to us… Google Reader says I’ve got 1000+ missed articles, but I have  as much most of the time, so I wonder how many there really is that I still have to catch up on…

And I’ve got a lot on my mind now! Of course, I still have to show you the photos of our finished and furnished apartment. And while we were offline, we had lots of time to explore our surroundings. So be prepared for some stories.

And, finally, can you imagine I missed my first blogging anniversary?! Yes, four days ago last year I went online and started this blog. Wow. I was overwhelmed by the response and the size of the blogosphere. There have been so many people I’ve met during this time.

What’s been going on lately…

WordPress says I’ve had this post in my drafts folder since July 15th. When I opened the preview to take a peek at what I had intended to write I found out that the whole post was empty. I tried to remember what could have happened around that time, but I couldn’t come up with anything that I haven’t blogged about since.

So, I’m just gonna use today’s post to tell you about some other things that have happened in my life lately:

  • It’s been pretty bad weather for three weeks now. I can’t believe it’s been that long. We had great weather before that with sun and temperatures around the 100s. Ever since then we’ve had temperatures even down to the low 50s. Yes it’s that bad. However, even worse was the rain that led to serious floods throughout the country. We got a lucky escape, so don’t worry. There were some areas where villages were flooded, but it wasn’t as bad as back in 2002. Now, we’re just looking ahead, waiting for better weather to come.
  • I’m writing my last exam ever tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s over. With every exam I wrote this term I felt lighter. I still have to write my diploma thesis, though, but then I’m finished. Yikes!
  • My boyfriend and I are going to move into our own apartment in two weeks. I never thought that this would be so much work. The move starts on Aug. 23. We have to paint a wall, organize the move, register for electric energy supply, register for internet and phone, sign some insurances and find lamps. Of course, there are some other things that need to be done, but these are my major concerns right now. Oh, and I have to pack ALL my stuff. That’s what really frightens me…
  • I have decided to get a CSS Upgrade for this blog. I don’t mind very much at the moment about the url, so I thought I’d start playing with the design. However, I fear that I won’t have much time before September…
  • Last week I purchased some new running gear. As I’ve been the absolute “sun-runner” I thought I’d get myself some nice clothes for colder and wetter weather. And I’ve already used both the jacket and the pants. They’re great. Warm, but not too hot and you don’t get wet. Just great.
  • On Sunday I’ll meet with an old friend of mine. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time that I can’t remember when I last saw her. I’m so happy she’s in town this weekend. We’re going to have a blast!

That’s all I can think of that has been happening. Not too much, I know, but still it keeps my life pretty busy. I hope you’re all enjoying summer.

What have you been up to lately?

Bring out the best in me…

For most bloggers it’s a the fundamental decision. For me it was more a random choice to begin with. And because I felt a little more comfortable I went for WordPress. And I still really like it. I feel comfortable while writing my posts in an almost Windows-Word like atmosphere.

However, sometimes I miss some diversity. If I want to highlight something I write I can choose between bold and italic, but that’s about it. I cannot really choose the size except for headlines.

Also, using the standard version I cannot make many changes to my blog design. Of course, I can choose from a great range of themes, but they are all preformated.

While reading other blogs I’ve noticed that most of you use Google’s Blogger. I also tried this one and find it quite handy, too. Also it has more of the design possibilities I’m missing here at WordPress. But I’m really comfortable and don’t really want to move. But I still would like to add more of my personality to the blog. So what am I to do?

I did some research for upgrading opportunities here at WordPress and I found out that there are some possibilities, Such as owning my own domain and getting a CSS upgrade that allows me to change the blog’s appearance. Both upgrades would be about $ 30 a year which isn’t much. But it would be too much if I didn’t use any of the features.

So anybody got any tips, ideas or opinion? I’d be glad to know what you’re thinking and why you chose the platform you’re using. Is there anything else beside the two big ones that you’d recommend?

Thanks a lot for your answers!