Becoming a teacher

After experiencing all the benefitials of a regular Yoga practice I had been planning to become a Yoga teacher for about a year before I registered for this course. And it was the best decision I could make!

The course I took is the 200 hour teacher’s training course, approved of by the Yoga Alliance. It’s the basics teaching course every yoga teacher should have, as it covers all relevant aspects of yoga:

  • Asanas = the different yoga postures, also referred to as Hatha Yoga
  • History and philosophic aspects of Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Satsang = the singing of Mantras to help with meditation
  • Anatomy of the human body
  • How Yoga can positively influence the body
  • Ayurveda

When I got there my aim was to learn more about the “side dishes” of Hatha Yoga. After the two weeks I now know that Hatha Yoga is only a supplement of Yogic life and that there’s so much more you can do. Now I can’t wait to start teaching which I will probably do come next spring.

I leave you with a picture of our group at the end of the course when we were happily graduated. Join me again next time for some non-yoga-related tales on how I met alligators…

Simple, little world

I didn’t tell you last time what an Ashram is, because I wanted to do this in an individual post. It’s the question I’ve been asked most when I was telling people about my trip.

What the heck is an Ashram?

Well, an Ashram is simply the place where the Yoga teacher (often referred to as “Guru”, which is Sanskrit and means teacher) lives with his family. It is also the place where he holds classes and teachings, such as the teachers’ course I took.

It’s bit like its own world. When I first got there, I immediately felt the peaceful and calm atmosphere. I didn’t feel the need to check my cell phone every other second or read any newspapers or watch any news. Also the way of interacting with the other people is very kind, friendly and helpful.

As we were a group of 18 students, there was a lot of work to get done every day, but nobody shyed away from helping. There was always a helping hand for doing the dishes, cutting veggies for dinner or sweeping the floors. What astonished me most, was the fact that though I (like everyone else) had a lot to do, I never felt “exploited” in any way – a feeling I sometimes get back in Germany. On the contrary, I was happy to give a hand.

This is the Meditation room where we would meet for meals, Meditation, Hatha Yoga and lectures. It might look uncomfortable, because there are no chairs and tables, but after some days we didn’t mind. We would just put out a tablecloth on the floor and gather for meals. And it was a lot easier to sit in a straight position on the floor than it would ever have been on a chair. 

I guess there is not much different between life in an Ashram or a monastery. The daily schedule is pretty much the same every day ( I described this in my last post) and both are equally beneficial if you’re looking for a place to retreat from life to rest and relax.

Yogi Hari’s Ashram did not only create the feeling of “being in paradise”, but it also looked like paradise, with the vast garden, the palms everywhere, the birds and crickets singing all the time and the lizards running around in thousands… The perfect place to practice Yoga.

Join me next time to read more about my course!

What life do you want?

Do you know the movie „The Wedding Date“? Where the young lady books a man to accompany her to her sisters wedding and she falls in love with him and they end up as a couple? It’s one of my favorite movies. I don’t know why. I just enjoy watching it over and over again. Here’s the trailer, in any case:

Anyways there’s one sentence (which you’ll also see int he trailer) in the whole movie that’s stuck in my head: It’s the guy telling the girl that „a woman has exactly the love life she wants to have“. In that scene the girl opposes heavily, but in the end it turns out that the guy’s just so right. I’d even say that one can adapt this sentence to other life situations, such as „one has exactly the life one wants“. You ask me why?

Well, because we get up every morning and we can decide if we want to continue our life as it is or if we need to change. This doesn’t even have to be big changes, even small things can make our life better.

In my yoga class at the end of the lesson we’re having a short mediation at which we also state the following: “Mind your thoughts, mind your words, mind your emotions.”

And this is so true. I’ve been very emotional in the past, getting quite loud during discussions etc. Since I started Yoga and have been earnestly practising I realise that I’ve become much more balanced. I think more about what I’m saying or not. And I also try to control my emotions. If I start to get angry, I breathe in twice or thrice and I fell the relaxation returning to my body.

And the same applies for the „what life do I want“. Of course, there are times when I’m more dubious, but I’m also keeping my faith that God will show me the right way. I try to give my best every day. At the end of the day, I ask myself what was good and what was bad. What could I improve. If I’m not happy with things, I try to change them, but I also don’t expect everything to be perfect, because I am not and neither is the rest of the world.

Every day when I wake up, I remember this:

Mind your thoughts, mind your words, mind your emotions.

This is my motto for the day – every single day. And by finding myself balanced in myself, I know what I want from life – what life I want.

Sampoorna Yoga

That’s it. Not like in “That’s the end”, no, more like “That’s the new beginning”. I officialy applied for becoming a Yoga Teacher. I’ve been contemplaiting taking this path for several months and I never was sure, but with the end of my university degree getting nearer I thought this would be the perfect moment…

… to reward myself for what I have achieved.

… to get a firm balance for my future life which will see many changes and a lot of new beginnings.

… just because.

Ever since I first heard about Yoga from Richard Hittleman’s 28-days plan I have felt attracted. First, it was mainly the ballet style and the fact that you didn’t feel the effort while doing the excercises. Later on, I also noticed that it helped to keep my mind relaxed.

So, about a year ago I started a new Yoga class. The style is called Sampoorna Yoga – the Yoga of fullness. This means basically that you train not only your body, but also the spirit in order to put all parts of the body (physically and psychically) into balance.

I was sceptical at the beginning, whether I’d really like this form of Yoga, but I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. So I’ll be flying over the great pond to Florida for 2 weeks to get trained as Sampoorna Yoga Teacher. This will only be the first part. I’ll have to do another 3 weeks in summer, but I think it’s great to try it.

Of course, I’ll continue my business carreer, but I enjoy Yoga so much that I’d love to teach it as a second job, only one or two hours a week. Have you ever tried Yoga? Do you know what kind? Did you like it?