All good things come to an end

I don’ know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been using a lot of song lyrics for my headlines. I didn’t notice until today, but the randomness aside. I wanted to make a wrap-up of these last four crazy weeks of Soccer World Cup. I promise, it’s the last soccer post and I’ll be back to normal posts this week. I tried to sneak in some non-soccer themed posts these last weeks, too, but I guess I failed poorly.

Anyways: Unfortunately, we (as I mean in “the German National Team”) didn’t win the cup.

But I may say that we played the later winner: Spain. And it took them a long time to score a goal and they only won by 1 goal. But, I have to acknowledge, too, the Spanish were the better team. They were just a tad faster, more secure with the ball, etc. I suppose they earn their victory, because they have been the dominating team for the last 3 years, including their win of the Eurpean Championship in 2008.

All in all it was a nice Cup. It was totally different from 4 years ago when the tournament took place in Germany, but I suppose that’s normal. On the other hand it was just like 4 years ago with all the public showings in the cities, the flags everywhere and the festive atmosphere. I can’t say anything about the atmosphere in South Africa, but from the pictures we got here it was preety good, too. I have to admit at this point that I was surprised by the fact that it was winter there and that the temparatures seemed to be quite low. Lots of players were wearing long-sleeved shirts. I guess it was just a bit naive to assume that it “was hot there, because it’s always hot in Africa”.

The “dominating” topic this last week here in Germany was octopus Paul who predicted the Spanish win over Germany. As we are deeply superstitious 😉 we threatened to make fried calamari if he was right. Of course, he was right, but as far as I know he’s still enjoying his happily ever after. I suppose what saved him, was the prediction of Germany winning, at least the small final for third place:

I was also surprised by some of  the teams who made it to second round. There were some candidates nobody counted in, like Uruguay or Paraguay. Other teams, like the Brazilian, French or Italian team were really disappointing, because they lacked animation and motivation.

At the moment, there’s this big emptiness. It feels a bit like the family who was visiting just drove away. It’s normal I know and I’ve already got plenty of stuff waiting in line to take my life over. I hope you enjoyed this special feature and got to experience a bit the spirit of soccer. Thanks for following along.

Have a most wonderful soccer-free week…

I’m almost back… big news involved

My Google Reader says I’ve got about 1000+ missed posts… I guess it’s more to 2000 than 1000… and still going up.

Yes, I’ve been awfully neglecting all of you, but I can tell you why:

First, of course, the World Cup’s still running and Germany made it to the Quarter Finals (games will be held today and tomorrow). So tomorrow at 4 o’clock (CET) we’ll be facing Argentina – another classic. We played them 4 years ago and won after penalty shooting. I really hope it won’t come as far this time. So Go Germany!

This is actually what it looks like when Germany’s playing:

We’re having public viewing at many places, bars etc… It’s just great…

Another reason why I’ve been MIA is the fact that exams are aproaching way TO FAST. I have 28 days left, until exams start and sometimes I feel like I’m totally unprepared. So I’m spending a lot of time behind my desk, studying…

If I’m not studying, I try to make as much out of this:

Yes, finally, after waiting way to long the sun has come back and it’s wonderfully warm. And I just love taking long walks with my dog in the morning and enjoying the warm breeze in the evening… Aaaah it’s wonderful to have summer back.

Lastly, I’ve big news: We found an apartment. It’s perfect. I’m gonna make another post to tell you all about it. But we’ve been searching a lot these past few weeks, looking at flats almost every night (also a reason for the no-posting…). So, now that we’ve found something we’re in the middle of preparation for our move in August…

What have you been up to lately? Any big news ;-)?

Don’t leave me… aaaaah

Sorry this is getting into a soccer blog. I promise I’ll be back to normal posts in July. But at the moment, everything evolves around the matches. The whole day is scheduled according to the matches…

Yesterday marked the last day of the group matches. I can’t believe the Cup’s already been going for 2 weeks now… There are only another 2 weeks left. Nooooo! What am I gonna do afterwards? I guess I’ll find enough things 😉

So far so good. Here are the 16 teams that made it into second stage:

From group A and B these will be playing today to get to the Quarter Finals:

Uruguay – South Korea and Mexico – Argentina

From Groups C and D, playing on Sunday, there are:

USA – Ghana and Germany – England

Germany – England is one of “the classical” matches which is much anticipated and accompanied by many “animosities”:

From Groups E and F which will be playing on Monday the combinations are:

Netherlands – Slovakia and Paraguay and Japan

The Japanese played really good this year and gave their group a hard time…

And last, but not least, the last two groups are on fire:

Brazil – Chile and Spain – Portugal

I’m sure Chile will give Brazil a really hard time. They played like hell against Spain yesterday. The other match will be completely Iberian. Spain, though European Champion had a hard time in their group. Portugal however did splendid in the “death group” with Brazil…

And listen… in high seas or in low seas…

I should have finished this post yesterday when I was feeling more joyous, but now that it’s time to return to life I have no other option ;-).

Last Friday the Soccer World Cup finally started after we had been counting down for weeks. Ever since I’m living in a country covered in black, red and gold, the national colors for Germany. Flags on cars, houses, people clad in black, red and gold. You name it. And when the German team plays the whole country comes to a standstill, the streets lay abandoned. And oh, how victorious and glorious we saw our team playing, scoring 4 goals in the first match playing Australia. Well, the downturn came fast today after loosing against Serbia. But there’s still hope that we’ll get into the second round.

Oh, and yes, of course, there are 31 other teams playing, too ;-). After this first weeks some things have become clear:

  • The team of the country hosting the cup unfortunately isn’t granted to advance to round 2. After a draw in the first match and losing the second there’s barely a chance that the South African team will get any farther.
  • Favorites are not always what they’re supposed to be. Argentina played very low and the Cup Winner from 2006, Italy, had a very hard time during their games. And even Spain, European Champion of 2008 lost against Switzerland.
  • If you thought that loud is loud you’ve never listened to a Vuvuzela. Vuvu-what? Vuvuzela – a trumpet-like instrument that creates a sound close to a swarm of bees, but about 1000 times louder (130 decibels). Some tv stations are now offering the matches with 2 sound channels: one with the original sound and a second where the sound is technically adjusted so you won’t hear the noise as much.

Anyways, so far it’s been lots of fun watching the matches. So be sure to get a glimpse while the Cup is on… To finish this post off, I’ve got some pictures of this week for you:

World Cup Schedule – Stage 2

From June 26 to July 11 Stage 2 will take place. This is only half as complicated as it looks. The first 2 teams of each group will be taken and mixed with the other groups.

I don’t know how much you know about Soccer or the elimination system, therefore I’ll explain it shortly: In Round of 16 Winner of Group A will play against Second of Group B, etc. In the Quarter Finals the Winners of each of the above matches will again play against each other etc…

The Finals will take place on July 7 at 20:30 (which is the same time in Central Europe and 2:30 ET. Be sure not to miss this 😉 And now just enjoy the World Cup…

Round of 16
Match Date – Time Venue Results
49 26/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth 1A 2B
50 26/06 20:30 Rustenburg 1C 2D
51 27/06 16:00 Mangaung / Bloemfontein 1D 2C
52 27/06 20:30 Johannesburg 1B 2A
53 28/06 16:00 Durban 1E 2F
54 28/06 20:30 Johannesburg 1G 2H
55 29/06 16:00 Tshwane/Pretoria 1F 2E
56 29/06 20:30 Cape Town 1H 2G
Match Date – Time Venue Results
57 02/07 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth W53 W54
58 02/07 20:30 Johannesburg W49 W50
59 03/07 16:00 Cape Town W52 W51
60 03/07 20:30 Johannesburg W55 W56
Match Date – Time Venue Results
61 06/07 20:30 Cape Town W58 W57
62 07/07 20:30 Durban W59 W60
Match for third place
Match Date – Time Venue Results
63 10/07 20:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth L61 L62
Match Date – Time Venue Results
64 11/07 20:30 Johannesburg W61 W62

World Cup Schedule – Group matches

This is the Schedule for the Group Matches which are taking place from June 11 to 25. There are 8 groups and in each group are 4 teams. Within each group each team will play against the other three. The first and the second qualify for the 1/8 Finals.

Group A
Match Date – Time Venue Results
1 11/06 16:00 Johannesburg – JSC South Africa South Africa Mexico Mexico
2 11/06 20:30 Cape Town Uruguay Uruguay France France
17 16/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria South Africa South Africa Uruguay Uruguay
18 17/06 20:30 Polokwane France France Mexico Mexico
33 22/06 16:00 Rustenburg Mexico Mexico Uruguay Uruguay
34 22/06 16:00 Mangaung / Bloemfontein France France South Africa South Africa
Group B
Match Date – Time Venue Results
3 12/06 16:00 Johannesburg – JEP Argentina Argentina Nigeria Nigeria
4 12/06 13:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Korea Republic Korea Republic Greece Greece
19 17/06 16:00 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Greece Greece Nigeria Nigeria
20 17/06 13:30 Johannesburg – JSC Argentina Argentina Korea Republic Korea Republic
35 22/06 20:30 Durban Nigeria Nigeria Korea Republic Korea Republic
36 22/06 20:30 Polokwane Greece Greece Argentina Argentina
Group C
Match Date – Time Venue Results
5 12/06 20:30 Rustenburg England England USA USA
6 13/06 13:30 Polokwane Algeria Algeria Slovenia Slovenia
22 18/06 16:00 Johannesburg – JEP Slovenia Slovenia USA USA
23 18/06 20:30 Cape Town England England Algeria Algeria
37 23/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Slovenia Slovenia England England
38 23/06 16:00 Tshwane/Pretoria USA USA Algeria Algeria
Group D
Match Date – Time Venue Results
7 13/06 20:30 Durban Germany Germany Australia Australia
8 13/06 16:00 Tshwane/Pretoria Serbia Serbia Ghana Ghana
21 18/06 13:30 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Germany Germany Serbia Serbia
24 19/06 16:00 Rustenburg Ghana Ghana Australia Australia
39 23/06 20:30 Johannesburg – JSC Ghana Ghana Germany Germany
40 23/06 20:30 Nelspruit Australia Australia Serbia Serbia
Group E
Match Date – Time Venue Results
9 14/06 13:30 Johannesburg – JSC Netherlands Netherlands Denmark Denmark
10 14/06 16:00 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Japan Japan Cameroon Cameroon
25 19/06 13:30 Durban Netherlands Netherlands Japan Japan
26 19/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria Cameroon Cameroon Denmark Denmark
43 24/06 20:30 Rustenburg Denmark Denmark Japan Japan
44 24/06 20:30 Cape Town Cameroon Cameroon Netherlands Netherlands
Group F
Match Date – Time Venue Results
11 14/06 20:30 Cape Town Italy Italy Paraguay Paraguay
12 15/06 13:30 Rustenburg New Zealand New Zealand Slovakia Slovakia
27 20/06 13:30 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Slovakia Slovakia Paraguay Paraguay
28 20/06 16:00 Nelspruit Italy Italy New Zealand New Zealand
41 24/06 16:00 Johannesburg – JEP Slovakia Slovakia Italy Italy
42 24/06 16:00 Polokwane Paraguay Paraguay New Zealand New Zealand
Group G
Match Date – Time Venue Results
13 15/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth CĂ´te d'Ivoire CĂ´te d’Ivoire Portugal Portugal
14 15/06 20:30 Johannesburg – JEP Brazil Brazil Korea DPR Korea DPR
29 20/06 20:30 Johannesburg – JSC Brazil Brazil CĂ´te d’Ivoire CĂ´te d'Ivoire
30 21/06 13:30 Cape Town Portugal Portugal Korea DPR Korea DPR
45 25/06 16:00 Durban Portugal Portugal Brazil Brazil
46 25/06 16:00 Nelspruit Korea DPR Korea DPR CĂ´te d’Ivoire CĂ´te d'Ivoire
Group H
Match Date – Time Venue Results
15 16/06 13:30 Nelspruit Honduras Honduras Chile Chile
16 16/06 16:00 Durban Spain Spain Switzerland Switzerland
31 21/06 16:00 Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth Chile Chile Switzerland Switzerland
32 21/06 20:30 Johannesburg – JEP Spain Spain Honduras Honduras
47 25/06 20:30 Tshwane/Pretoria Chile Chile Spain Spain
48 25/06 20:30 Mangaung / Bloemfontein Switzerland Switzerland Honduras Honduras

Hot, Hotter, Soccer

The Soccer Championship is just around the corner… Yay. And what’s the most important thing apart from who’s gonna win the contest? Of course, whom we will see… So, today’s post is dedicated to this year’s hottest hotties!

Lukas Podolski – German National Player. He’s playing striker – the guy responsible for the goals…

Cristiano Ronaldo – National Player for Portugal. He is the most valuable player on the international market with 1 billion Euros. He’s also famous for his sixpack. Understandably…

Thierry Henry – French National Player. You might know this guy from an advertisement by Gilette where he stars together with Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.

KakĂ  – National Player for Brazil. He’s playing mid-field and is one of the best players on this position at the moment.

David Villa – National Player for Spain. In my opinion, he’s a real cutie… And he won the European Soccer Contest in 2008 with Spain.

Who’s your favorite? Anyone else you would’ve chosen? Come back on Friday to see who else is on the list…