Living on a budget (365/26)

Since moving together with my boyfriend last September I’ve mostly been in charge of grocery shopping. Now, my mom thankfully raised me to a responsible budgeting, but I never really started watching prices. It didn’t matter much, because we more or less bought the same stuff every week.

But, since moving, I’ve been going to a different grocery shop and this makes a HUGE difference. Prices are a lot lower there, but the quality is still great. Of course, I still try to buy organic food for most things. Today I was there again and I paid 25 €, that’s about $35, but the stuff I bought lasts for about 1.5 weeks. Together with the groceries I buy at other shops that makes about $30-40 a week for food.

And since I’ve been asked more than once about the exact price of one or the other thing I’ve even started watching the prices and evaluating what I want to buy and what not. That’s extremely helpful with fresh vegetables or fruit.