Eurovision Song Contest

You all know American Idol. We got that in Germany, too. Here it’s called something like “Germany’s looking for the next Star”. Sounds a lot like scrambling around in a kids room looking under the bed what you may find. Well, it’s like that, basically. Most singers who won the show aren’t famous any longer. They published their first album and then got lost in the universe.

But that won’t be today’s topic. Today it’s the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a show that is held only once a year in May. As you may deduct from the name “Eurovision” it’s a show where all European Countries take part (more or less). Basically it’s nothing else then American Idol, but still so much more. It’s a song contest, where one participant from each country (that have qualified for the finals) presents his/her song and then a winner is chosen. There is no such thing as a jury on tv. Only the viewers may select who they liked best, based on the song who’s been presented.

Years ago, this show got young and unknown singers started and could really boost a career. Today it’s more vice-versa, famous national and international singers presenting songs. But still, it’s so much fun to watch. Of course, to maintain the “high quality” of the art there will be National competitions to choose the one singer representing the country.

This year presenting Germany is a young lady called Lena:

Do you like the song? Yeah, it’s nice, but I can’t really understand what she’s singing… However, there are great rivalties between the countries and glory is all ;-). Since a young woman called Nicole won the Contest for Germany in 1982 Germany hasn’t had the honor again.

So we’ve held all kinds of competitions and even had one of our best entertainers take the stage:

Nothing helped. Anyways and regardless of who wins, I really love watching the finals, which will be on May 29th this year. It shows so much of the European diversity!  Many countries choose national artists to take part for their country and many even sing in country’s language.  Of course, that makes it difficult to understand most of the songs. So here are some of the countries that take part this year:



United Kingdom:





Who’s your favorite? Let me know and don’t miss the show which will also be broadcasted on the internet at


I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about Bollywood – yes Bollywood, not Hollywood, but it’s a close guess. Bollywood is the Hollywood of India. The name is a combination of the city of Bombay and the movie industry of Hollywood.

Unlike in Hollywood, Bollywood is famous for its kitschy love/romance movies. I haven’t come across a movie that took less than three hours and was full of corny cliches. However, they are at the same time incredibly rich with color and energy. Watching a Bollywood movie in winter is like a short trip to India. And – that was the reason I started watching those movies – they have wonderful soundtracks!!!

Here’s a little sample:

Music Playlist at

I hope you’ll like it…

The Wise Guys – live in concert

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Music Playlist at

Tonight I was at the Wise Guys’ concert! And as always it was just awesome.

Going to their concert has become a really nice Christmas tradition though it’s not linked to Christmas at all. I actually discovered the Wise Guys some years ago during carnival when they were performing at one of the big carnival celebrations. They are just an incredible band. They are five male singers from the area of Cologne. Their style is quite mainstream pop with some exotic points, but what makes them special is that they are an a-capella band, which means that they only use their voices to make music. Listening to their music, as you’re probably at the moment, you don’t recognize this at the beginning, but when you pay close attention you might become aware.

Unfortunately for my only English-speaking readers most of their songs are in German, but I selected two (the first two) that are in English and the rest is in German. If you want any translations just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

But back to the concert. It was just brilliant. Usually they keep the show quite simple so you’re really able to concentrate on the music. They started at around 7 pm and sung for about 2 and a half hour and we were all very sad to leave.

Here’s the link to their blog: The Wise Guys. There you can find more about the band and their music and also tour dates…

Songs for sports

While I was running this morning, I realised that I have been listening to the same music for weeks and that I urgently need a change. So when I came home I immediately dived into my music collection searching for new songs to accompany my running. Here goes what I have come up with so far:

Gabriella Cilmi – Echo Beach
The Killers – Human
The Killers –  Losing Touch
Black Eyed Peas – Màs que nada
Jack Johnson – Upside Down
Nicola Ciccone – Ciao Bella
Jessica Simpson – These boots are made for walking
Café Quijano – La Lola
Café Quijano – Los locos
David Bisbal – Corazón latino
David Bisbal – Oye el Boom
Robbie Williams – A man for all seasons
Shakira – How do you do?
Shakira – Don’t bother
The Planet Smashers – Surfin’ in Tofino
Owl City – Fireflies

Are there any songs you would recommend??? Tell me…

Music rules the world

When I was a child my mom would force me to take music lessons. First she would drag me to pre-school musical education where we spent hours pantomiming our names, songs or try every kind of instrument that exists in the world. It was a nice time, but after a while I got bored and wanted to advance.

That’s when the classical first instrument to play crossed my path: the flute. Is there any musician in the world who didn’t start music playing a flute? I doubt it. However, despite the negative image that goes with this instrument I stuck with it for about 10 years attaining a quite high level. As there was not much left to conquer I decided to opt for the piano instead, given the fact, that we had already one waiting in our living room for someone to play.

Piano keys


If you asked me today, I would say that the piano is still my favourite instrument to play. I like classical music as much as I enjoy playing modern pop or rock songs. My favourite song at the moment is the River flows in you by Yiruma. This is the link to listen to the song on YouTube. It was more by chance that I came across this song when I was looking for Bella’s Lullaby (from the Twilight movie) on youTube. Both songs have a really nice tune and are easily played on the piano.

Another band that I found recently on the web are the Planet Smashers. VancityAllie used their song “Surfin’ in Tofino” for one of her surfing videos which really took place in Tofino.  It’s definitely a song that brings back summer. BTW, talking of summer, the absolute summer song of 2009 for me is Emilia Torrini’s “Jungle drum“; together with Agnes’s “Release me” you got the optimal music mix to dance the night through.

To be honest there is nothing else that can make your day like a good song in the morning. So enjoy the songs and add them to your favourite’s list.