Welcome back!

Uhm. So, this is feeling really strange, being back here after being absent for such a long time. When I stopped blogging so long ago, I was always hesitant to delete the blog. I always thought it might be nice keeping it in case I wanted to come back – and here I am.

I’ve blogged at some other points throughout the year, but logging back into this blog was like coming home. Imagine entering your grandma’s home, here the front door creeking.

It feels good to be here again.

Life has changed quite a bit, but I’m sure we’ll catch up quickly. I don’t have my plans completely worked out yet, but I guess it will be the same as it was that long time ago – a blog about my life, what I like and what’s going on.

So get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and read on…

Week 12 – Day in points

Week 12 – Describe the day in the points

6.00 am – Get up, I’ll prepare breakfast for us

7.00 am – My boyfriend gets ready for work, while I’ll jump into the shower and get ready for the day

8.00 am – Do housework, run errands, blog

12.00 pm – Lunch time

2.00 pm – Meet friends, run errands, workout

6.00 pm – Prepare dinner

7.00 pm – Hang out, enjoy our beautiful balcony

Though it looks like nothing I have no problems keeping myself busy throughout the day. There’s currently a lot of “running errands” taking place as I try to tackle as much as possible before I start working in July. And I fear am sure that once I’ve started my full-time job I won’t have as much time any more…



Week 11 – iPod on Shuffle

Week 11 – Put your iPod / iTunes on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs

I seriously had to search my mp3 player before doing this post. It got lost in the apartment. Then I had to recharge the batteries… Yeah, I’m like that. Now, here’s the list:

  1. The Killers – Human
  2. New Moon (The Score) – Memories of Edward
  3. Jack Johnson – On and on
  4. Gabriella Cilmi – Einstein
  5. Taylor Swift – The Other Side of the Door
  6. Eclipse (The Score) – Jacob Black
  7. New Moon (The Score) – Break Up
  8. Shakira – Underneath your clothes, live version
  9. Pereza – Princesas
  10. Taylor Swift – Superstar

It’s my party…

Facebook’s been around for quite some time now, but sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Exihibit 1:

A 16 year old girl from my hometown was celebrating New Year’s Eve at her parents house with friends. Unfortunately she had posted the party on Facebook which resulted in over 200 people showing up, leaving the house destroyed after the girl’s parents had come home and called the police.

Exhibit 2:

Just some weeks ago a 17 year old boy was celebrating his birthday with his friends at a lake. The police was called, because there were over 300 people celebrating with very loud music. After ending the party some of the attendants threatened to “destroy” a nearby village – they were arrested.

Exhibit 3:

Just last weekend the birthday party of a 16 year old girl ended with over 1500 young people getting drunk in front of her house. Originally the girl had planned only to invite her closest friends and after over 1000 people confirmed their attendance the party was canceled, but that didn’t seem to be noticed. The people came nevertheless.

Honestly, I can’t believe this. I understand that this happens once, but after that people are supposed to act more responsible. There have been reports of “Facebook parties” (as we call them in Germany) almost every other week for the last year now, so people should be warned to be more careful with their personal data, but nobody seems to be interested in it.

And I don’t want to pay for police operations like these and I don’t want my tax money to be spent cleaning up after such parties. Although I acknowledge that mostly the people inviting to the party are not the ones who make the mess, but still, like with every other event the organizer should be held responsible for causing such a mess!

The end.


I woke up this morning…

…surprised that it’s already Monday.

How could the weekend pass so quickly?

I haven’t been online since Thursday.

That makes 4 days without any connection to the new medias.

How did this happen?

Anyways the weekend was great.

It had a lot of family interaction in it.

And meeting friends, not seen for a long time.

Long hours of sun followed by thunder, lightening and rain.

Wonderfully refreshing after a hot day.

Now, I’m ready for the new week to begin.

We’ll see what it brings…


Week 10 – First loves

Week 10 – Discuss your first love and your first kiss

My first love was a guy from my neighborhood. We grew up together and were more like brother and sister which is the reason why it would never have worked.

We had a lot of fun, though and at one stage planned a house together (we were about 10 years at that time). It involved an indoor swimming pool, gym and hall to play soccer…

I have to disappoint you, he was not the one I had my first kiss with. That was some years later during a family vacation in Spain. The guy was from Dublin, Ireland. I wasn’t in love, but I figured it would be fun to see what kissing was like. I think he had a crush on me, because we was very persistent throughout the whole time that I should come and visit him. I never did. I went for Paris with some friends instead.

So that’s about everything that’s there to tell about first loves and first kisses. I hope your first love story is more interesting than mine?!

Fitness Friday (2)

Work(out) for 6 days – rest for 1 day… or rather the other way round.

Yeah, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to start the program right before a busy weekend, but if that’s the bar then I’d never start.

So, last week I successfully started into the first 2 days of the program and then arrived Saturday. I didn’t feel like working-out in the morning and I didn’t get back to even think about it for the rest of the day.

The same can be said for Sunday.

Monday came and my allergies hit me bad. So no morning run that day and unfortunately for the rest of the week. BUT, instead I slipped in a yoga workout. Nothing too strenuous, but some nice exercise that got my circulation running.

There is a saying that anything you keep for three weeks in a row becomes a regular habit.

So, currently I’m taking back with running for another  few weeks. Hopefully no longer than 3 weeks and I’ll keep to yoga and the 30 day Shred instead. I’m also considering going to the gym, because that would give me the possibility to workout and not having to spend any time outside that is longer than 20 minutes (my recent tolerance level).

Any tips you’d like to share about working out with allergies?