Cleaning-Up in 14 weeks – How’s it going?

So, the plan for the last two weeks was the following:

  1. PC, Tablet, Phone
  2. Books & Magazines

Before getting started I made a list of things to do for each week. My week 1 contained the following:

  • archive all photos/documents from my phone on my computer
  • clean out all technical devices (old phones, laptops, cables, etc.) and make them ready for disposal
  • dispose of cleaned out devices
  • re-organize the remaining devices

Let me say one thing: This week did not happen. I started archiving the documents from my phone, but I have more stuff on there than I ever thought possible, so it’s not only about archiving, but also sorting through and disposing or archiving. I’m still doing this on the go in small steps as I find time. I also still need to go through the old electrical devices and sort them out. I have some days planned along time where I will catch up with the leftovers from this week.

Week 2 was more successful. I had planned the following:

  • sort through old magazines, dispose of everything I don’t need any longer
  • sort through old dictionaries and dispose of anything that is no longer needed
  • sort through books and donate anything not needed to the library
  • organize cooking/baking books and give them a protection cover
  • sort through and organize baby & kid books

I did go through all the magazines and got rid of more than half of the stuff. I kept some Italian & Spanish language magazines that I hope to go through again during the next months as brain training :). I also sorted through all the books and donated a huge box to the library. I had feared beforehand that they would not like all the books, but I was lucky – they were delighted to take them all!!! I also started binding the cooking/baking books, but we have a lot of and I ran out of binding material. So, I need to re-stock this first before I can go on. I still have to do the baby & kids books, but I will get to this over time…

On the outlook – today started week 3. I will concentrate on Papers & Documents this week. I got a head start last week as we were looking for some documents and in night session already started sorting through a lot of stuff, so I just have to keep that going. On this weeks agenda are the following:

  • organize and file all documents
  • label all binders
  • sort through all instruction/ operation manuals and organize
  • sort through and dispose of any receipts laying around in the apartment (and that are many…)

We’ll see how this goes…

Cleaning-Up in 14 weeks

Life with a toddler is not always easy, but it brings lots of fun. But now that I’m pregnant again and I know what awaits me once the baby is here – plus the toddler – I long to simplify life a bit and become more organised.

Apart from re-viving my Erin Condren Life Planner that has been sitting idle for the last few weeks months I looked for some simple cleaning/re-organising projects. The one that looked most appealing to me was the “Cleaning-up” Series from “The Organised Cardigan Blog“.

Sunray (the owner of the Blog) chose a period of 14 weeks where she tackled different aspects of her life to clean up and clean out. 14 weeks is just perfect for me, because it means I’ll be finished a comfortable 4 weeks before baby’s due-date and I have some extra time if something takes longer than anticipated. I will also add an extra week for baby related organising (hospital bag, preparing the baby stuff, etc.)

So, before we get started here’s my 14+1 weeks list:

  1. PC, Tablet, Phone
  2. Books & Magazines
  3. Papers
  4. Electronic Devices & all things valuable
  5. CDs & DVDs
  6. Make-Up & Toiletries
  7. Household Goods
  8. Kitchen
  9. Hobbies & Stationary
  10. Photos
  11. Presents & Sentimental Objects
  12. Mobility
  13. Clothes & Accessories
  14. Plants, Decoration, Furniture
  15. All things baby

I will get more detailed with each week and explain more about what I’m doing and how successful I am…

My week always starts on a Friday, so yesterday was the start of week 1, but I’ll tell you about this in a different post.

What are you doing to stay organised, especially if you have one or more kids?


There hasn’t been going much on lately, as in there isn’t anything new to report :-).

I’ve been carrying the plants and furniture on our balcony around a lot these last few weeks due to weather warnings. This means that it’s officially summer, because we A) use our furniture B) have had more than one thunderstorm with lots of wind. I like this time of the year.

Today is my second last day of student life. On Friday I start my first real job. Isn’t it great to start working on a Friday? This means that I’ll have a weekend after only working for one day.

My allergies are finally coming to an end. I’m not taking any drugs any longer and my eyes and nose are only slightly itching. Great! This means that summer can now officially start for me, too.

I haven’t been working out for the last 8+ weeks. I feel incredibly bad about this. Not only is my body aching for some workouts, but I’m also psychically putting myself under pressure to restart working out again.

We went swimming for 20 minutes yesterday. It was our first outdoor swim this year. It was great and though it can’t be considered a workout it was nice to move the body a bit.

Life’s good

I could be complaining.

About the rainy and cold weather we’ve been having these last couple of days.

About the fact that next week I’ll have to start working and end my student life.

That this whole wedding affair sometimes freaks me out, because there’s so much to think of and so many things to organize that I fear I’ll forget more than one thing. Which won’t matter in the end, I know ;-).

But if I’m honest. Life’s too good to be complaining.

The rain finally brought some alleviation to the suffering farmland and lead to a growth spurt for all the plants.

I can’t really wait to start working, now that I’ve found what looks like a pretty good position that offers so many opportunities.

I still have so much time to plan the wedding that everything will be perfect.

I have a loving and supporting family that I can always lean to if I need help.

We live in a socially and politically strong and save country.

So, I don’t have anything else to say than “Life’s good” – and it really is.



Activities: running last minute errands before I start working in July, studying English with my cousin, visiting other couples’ weddings for inspiration

Loves: the nice summer weather with a few thunderstorms inbetween and thus wearing summer clothing

Hates: people I have to train for their job who refuse to take over the responsibility and think of ways to solve problems on their own, although they should long be working independently

Music: radio and church choirs to make a primary selection of the music we’d like for our wedding

Eats: salad and strawberries

Obsessions: wine on the balcony

Wishes: my allergies to stop so I can fully enjoy the summer temperatures without feeling like I have a cold all the time


About a month ago I posted a photo of our balcony, right after we had planted the herbs. It was about the same time that we planted some radish seeds. I forgot to take a picture of that, but you can easily imagine a plain flower pot with dirt.

Well, everything has grown and two weeks ago we were able to harvest the first radishes. And they tasted delicious!

Love the pink color

We have ever since also enjoyed some home-cooked meals with fresh herbs. Have you ever put some lavendar into your salad? Try it! It tastes heavenly.

I’m so happy we decided to plant the herbs…


Do you still remember? This is how they looked when we first planted them. Especially the dill literally exploded, you can barely see it behind the lavendar…

Baby Herbs

Do you grow a garden/balcony? Any success stories?

Week of Firsts

Totally without connection to the post, except for being a first...

Last week was a week of firsts. In so many ways.

It was the first week of summer. We had sunshine all day, thunderstorms at night, temperatures in the  mid to high 70s.

It was also the first time I’ve painted my nails this summer. Just a light shade of pink.

As a result of painting my toenails I wore flip-flops. The ones I bought in Miami and was dying all winter to wear.

I started a 30 day program of running. I’ve done the first 4 days so far and I’m getting along very well.

I decided on my first “real-life” job. Having the choice between two different offers is pure luxury in this time.

We had the first family BBQ. Like a real big barbecue that involved sitting in the garden all evening.

It was a good week and now it’s time for another splendid week…