Jewellry Hanger – Part 2

This post was originally written in April 2010. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

When I first showed you the result I wasn’t yet finished, because I hadn’t yet figured out how to do the part where I hang the earrings. There was this vast white spot which bothered me quite a while.

BUT – I finally got everything down and found the right stuff and figured out how to finish the board. Here’s the result:

I bought the transparent plastic hanger in the Internet. Cost me about $15. I fixed it to the board with two tiny nails, so I can take it off when I need a pair of earrings. There are also two wooden sticks on the sides to keep it stable. I love the design, because now the earrings seem to be floating in the air.

And did you see the golden rings right at the bottom of the second picture? My dad got them for me. Of course, they’re only fake, but they’re so glittery and girly… I had to show them off ;-).

Jewellry Hanger – Part 1

This post was originally written in April 2010. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

Do you have any idea what this is for? No? Well, I’m gonna tell you:

I suppose you all know the problem with your jewelry… You’ve got tons of necklaces, earrings, etc. and whenever you want something specific you can’t find it or when you’ve finally found it it’s twirled together with lots of other stuff and you need an hour to untwirl it. Sounds familiar to you?

To me, too.  My vice (do you say vice?) are earrings. I don’t know how many pairs I have. But I also have tons of necklaces and stuff.  I tried lots of methods to store them, from putting every single thing into an individual bag (very expensive! Stopped that immediately), to keeping them in separate boxes according to the type of jewelry or just throwing them all in one big box. Nothing worked out for me. So. many weeks ago, I visited Lemonade Makin’ Mama’s blog and I saw this:

And in some way that got me inspired. I thought about a new way to organize my jewelry and I came up with this:

It’s a huge wodden board that is divided into varios sections. A shelf on the top with small bowls that I can put all kinds of things into. A Earring Hanger that I purchased in the Internet and various hooks to hang my necklaces and pendants.

I started with the hanging for the whole board. Thankfully my dad helped me, because I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself.

Afterwards I painted all the parts in “White-Grey”. This was the most fun part, as I love painting (not very talented, but I LOVE playing with colors). To keep things simple and let all the wonderful parts of jewlery play the main part I just chose the white.

Then, I attached the little bowls, the hangers for the necklaces and the bars for the pendants. I’m still not absolutely finished, because I’ve got to find a way how to attach the earring hanger, but the rest is done. And I couldn’t wait any longer, but had to show you the result:

Orders are being taken beginning May 1st ;-). No, seriously, doesn’t it look great? I think so. I’m sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. The empty space is for the earring hanger. I’ll show you another picture when I’m totally finished. Promised…

Now head back to the pictures and enjoy the view…

Sweet Dreams…

I’ve finally managed to take AND upload the photos of our bedroom. I’ve contemplated publishing them even before I took the pictures, because I feel like letting you all see something really private.  But, the room turned out just too perfect and it would be a pity not to show you.

As the living-room theme was mainly centred around blue we decided to bring some other color to our sleeping room: red and black. Unfortunately the apartment, like most apartments in Germany, doesn’t have a walk-in closet. It’s just not normal around here. So, one wall was going to be completely covered with the closet. So, to not make the room too crowdy, we left the closet white.

3.5m for our clothes. Do I have to feel bad, because they barely fit in?

On the wall opposite to the closet we have our king size bed. I wanted something that would catch the eye – and got a black wooden bed.

I love the way it feels and fits into the room and I’m really happy that I had the guts to buy it.

Next to the bed stands the dresser. I wanted a dresser in the bedroom with drawers. I didn’t have one in my old room and dearly missed it. We stumbled upon this one when we were looking for a bed. It’s from the same series, but was available in a screaming red, we immediately fell in love.

You can see the jewellry hanger above, which I made this spring. The golden jewel case was a present from my grandma some years ago. It’s too small to keep all my jewellry in and I’m using it mainly as decoration.

Another piece that reminds me of my grandma is this wonderful vintage chair. It’s not really vintage. My grandma did the embroidery herself. It doesn’t really fit the color theme, but I love the design and decided to put it into the bedroom anyways.

Apart from the stool, everything else fits into the color scheme, even the dream catcher I brought from my old room.

I’m posting this picture mainly, so you can see the curtain, which again is black, red and white.

Fast forward to going to bed and waking up. These nice little lamps spread a wonderfully warm and cosy light.

If you asked me what my favorite piece of the room is, I’d say the dresser. Why? Because of its color. Just great.

Do you have a favorite piece in your bedroom that you couldn’t live without?

Interior Design – Living Space

I know, I know, I still owe you the after-pictures of the apartment. But be patient, not everything is finished yet, so posts will be coming one after the other.

The room that’s basically finished and up for presentation is the living room/dining area. As you might remember, I took some pictures right before we moved in.

Though the room is quite big I wanted to make it cozy and comfortable – a room where I’d like to spend my time in to relax, sit down and read a book or have dinner with family and friends.

The walls were originally painted white, but as we were getting some white furniture I guessed this would make the room a tad bit boring, so I decided to add some color, going for an ocean-summer theme with some oriental touch.

Now when you enter the room this is the view:

Not very ocean-like, I know ;-). But it looks cozy. We opted for this L-shaped sofa, because it can be turned into a bed, which comes very handy, when you have guests. And I adore the rug. We found it at IKEA and I fell immediately in love. It’s wonderfully soft and keeps your feet warm in the evening. And the space in front of the sofa is still big enough for me to practice Yoga.

The dining  area (wich you see part of on the right) can still basically be described as useful. Nothing more. We’ll get another table this fall and want to wait until then before we’ll do any decorating. But I’ll show you the luster that’s hanging there.

Also an IKEA find. It’s a combination of electricity and candles. The 5 white bowls are the light bulbs and you can see the candle holders in between. I can’t wait to put some candles up. Which color do you think would fit best?

And then, in front of the sofa we have the entertainment area – my favorite design pattern:

Again, the furniture is IKEA. And, in my opinion, the blue wall goes wonderfully with the white furniture. The blue reminds me so much of the ocean and the floor almost has the color of sand… Definitely my favorite part of the apartment.

For the curtains I chose a multi-color oriental-inspired fabric. It adds some more color, but isn’t just blue. And it has another big plus: whenever I get tired of blue I can just paint the wall in a different color.

So, what we’re doing in the evening, when it gets dark and cold outside? Cuddle up, light some candles and enjoy the sunset and a glass of champagne (yes, in wine glasses, we found out we don’t have any champagne glasses).

Defining a style

It was clear from the beginning that we would have to go with a low budget to furnish our apartment taking some stuff from our rooms and buying the other essentials. We took a stroll throughout furniture stores more than once, before deciding what we would get.

The rooms were painted white and we thought we’d leave it like that for the beginning, except for the living room where I wanted some color. So we worked on some color/design/furniture scheme we would have for every room.

For the kitchen and the study I don’t have any pictures yet, except for the before pictures of the empty rooms. The kitchen will pretty much stay as it is for a start, because we don’t need anything extra there.

And the study is being pretty much neglected for the moment, because we already own most of the stuff that’ll go there, like the desks and shelves. I wanted to put up my snowboard for decoration there, but I understand that my boyfriend didn’t want it. That’s ok. I’ll come up with something else…

For the bedroom we opted for some nice IKEA furniture. We had originally wanted all the stuff in white, but when we walked across the red dresser we immediately decided to get this. The same happened when we saw the dark bed. We still haven’t decided on the curtains, but I suppose they’re going to be something like red/white matching the rest of the furniture.

For the living room I wanted a bit more color, as I’ve said before. Some time during the process I came up with the blue and so we decided to get the wall behind the white cupboards painted. We’re now also thinking about painting some ornaments on the opposite wall, but we haven’t decided on that yet. My favorite object in this room is clearly the carpet. It’s so colorful and lovely…

As for the curtains in all the rooms, we were at a store last week to select what we wanted. We found really nice stuff, but there was a BIG problem. Only the curtains for the bedroom and living room would have cost us 1300€, that’s about $1000. Hello there? We just left the store and decided to wait until we found something affordable…

The before pictures

Last Friday we finally got the keys for our apartment. I hadn’t seen the rooms since they started the renovation back in July, so I was really looking forward to it.

And, of course, I had to take some before pictures to show them to you. So here’s the first tour through our still empty apartment:



Kitchen – we already took some boxes with us, so the kitchen is no longer that “emtpy” 🙂

Living Room: We want to paint the wall on the lower picture in some shade of blue to make a contrast to the white cupboards that will go there…

Bathroom: When I first saw the tiles I was absolutely shocked, but the more I see them the more I like the sunny yellow… Makes me smile whenever I enter the room.

Balcony and Panorama: The church you see in the background is illuminated by night, which looks great. And on Christmas you’ll see the top of the Christmas tree…

Entry: We have something special planned with the entry. You’ll LOVE it, just like I will…