Welcome to my blog!

I’m Andrea or Deia. I live in Southern Germany in a small town in the countryside. I started this blog as a 24-year old when I was still a Business Administation student in my last year. Since then my life has changed quite a bit as I will tell you over time. I’m now mom to a toddler girl, working part-time and in fall I’ll become a mom of two… I moved from the big city to the countryside and am now living in a small town…

I like spending time with friends, music, all kinds of outdoor activities, sports, cooking and baking and, of course, blogging.  You will find entries to all kinds of topics mentioned above and other things I consider interesting, like:

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Recipes
  • Life with a toddler (and soon a baby)
  • Stories about Germany
  • Books
  • and other miscellaneous things…

You can read my first blog entry here.

I LOVE comments and try to comment on other blogs as often as possible, so PLEASE leave me those short little messages and be sure to make my day…

If you’d like to contact me you can also send an email to deiala(at)ymail(dot)com or use the button on the top right.