Cleaning-Up in 14 weeks – How’s it going?

So, the plan for the last two weeks was the following:

  1. PC, Tablet, Phone
  2. Books & Magazines

Before getting started I made a list of things to do for each week. My week 1 contained the following:

  • archive all photos/documents from my phone on my computer
  • clean out all technical devices (old phones, laptops, cables, etc.) and make them ready for disposal
  • dispose of cleaned out devices
  • re-organize the remaining devices

Let me say one thing: This week did not happen. I started archiving the documents from my phone, but I have more stuff on there than I ever thought possible, so it’s not only about archiving, but also sorting through and disposing or archiving. I’m still doing this on the go in small steps as I find time. I also still need to go through the old electrical devices and sort them out. I have some days planned along time where I will catch up with the leftovers from this week.

Week 2 was more successful. I had planned the following:

  • sort through old magazines, dispose of everything I don’t need any longer
  • sort through old dictionaries and dispose of anything that is no longer needed
  • sort through books and donate anything not needed to the library
  • organize cooking/baking books and give them a protection cover
  • sort through and organize baby & kid books

I did go through all the magazines and got rid of more than half of the stuff. I kept some Italian & Spanish language magazines that I hope to go through again during the next months as brain training :). I also sorted through all the books and donated a huge box to the library. I had feared beforehand that they would not like all the books, but I was lucky – they were delighted to take them all!!! I also started binding the cooking/baking books, but we have a lot of and I ran out of binding material. So, I need to re-stock this first before I can go on. I still have to do the baby & kids books, but I will get to this over time…

On the outlook – today started week 3. I will concentrate on Papers & Documents this week. I got a head start last week as we were looking for some documents and in night session already started sorting through a lot of stuff, so I just have to keep that going. On this weeks agenda are the following:

  • organize and file all documents
  • label all binders
  • sort through all instruction/ operation manuals and organize
  • sort through and dispose of any receipts laying around in the apartment (and that are many…)

We’ll see how this goes…


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