Cleaning-Up in 14 weeks

Life with a toddler is not always easy, but it brings lots of fun. But now that I’m pregnant again and I know what awaits me once the baby is here – plus the toddler – I long to simplify life a bit and become more organised.

Apart from re-viving my Erin Condren Life Planner that has been sitting idle for the last few weeks months I looked for some simple cleaning/re-organising projects. The one that looked most appealing to me was the “Cleaning-up” Series from “The Organised Cardigan Blog“.

Sunray (the owner of the Blog) chose a period of 14 weeks where she tackled different aspects of her life to clean up and clean out. 14 weeks is just perfect for me, because it means I’ll be finished a comfortable 4 weeks before baby’s due-date and I have some extra time if something takes longer than anticipated. I will also add an extra week for baby related organising (hospital bag, preparing the baby stuff, etc.)

So, before we get started here’s my 14+1 weeks list:

  1. PC, Tablet, Phone
  2. Books & Magazines
  3. Papers
  4. Electronic Devices & all things valuable
  5. CDs & DVDs
  6. Make-Up & Toiletries
  7. Household Goods
  8. Kitchen
  9. Hobbies & Stationary
  10. Photos
  11. Presents & Sentimental Objects
  12. Mobility
  13. Clothes & Accessories
  14. Plants, Decoration, Furniture
  15. All things baby

I will get more detailed with each week and explain more about what I’m doing and how successful I am…

My week always starts on a Friday, so yesterday was the start of week 1, but I’ll tell you about this in a different post.

What are you doing to stay organised, especially if you have one or more kids?


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