Week 20 – Education

Week 20 – How important do you think  education is?

I think education is the central point of our life.

It defines what we’ll be able to achieve in our life. It marks the level of civilisation we’re living in. It starts with what we learn from our family. It shows in the way we treat other people. It goes way beyond the things we learn in school. And in the end, isn’t there a saying that goes like “We learn for life…”?

Unfortunately, most of the time we only learn to value education when we’re grown up and consider it a torture during our adolescence.

I won’t go any further into it at this point, because once I start, I’ll never stop.

Any views on education you’d like to share?


One thought on “Week 20 – Education

  1. I think education is important…someone once said education is power. I don’t necessarily think everyone needs to go to college to be successful. Life lessons are equally as important.

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