Week 14 – Earliest memory

Week 14 – Your earliest memory

There are several memories I’d put into the earliest memory drawer, because they all happened around the same time when I was about 2 -2 1/2 years.

I remember being in the garden with my grandpa picking berries. He warned me to stay away from the dog – who kept following me around. Imagine an old German shepherd’s dog, very intimidating for a 2 year old. Talk about eye level ;-).

The other memory is me being with my mom. We’re on the way to university sitting in the train. Yes, my mom was still studying when I was born. Later we went to the library where I got some sweets from the dorrman. I also remember sitting in the library and looking down at other people from some kind of gallery and that my mom was afraid I’d fall down.

I guess these are my earliest childhood memories. What are you first memories?


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