Ten on Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again. I can’t believe it. Time seems to be flying by lately, but this week I’ve found some minutes to answer these week’s questions. Don’t forget to head over to R&R after you’ve read this post.

My life’s far from perfect, but still I’m very content with it and most of my “perfect” moments happen in real life.

  1. What’s the perfect meal?
    Something where the whole family gathers and has a happy time chit-chatting. That could be a summer barbecue in the patio or a Christmas dinner. I think what’s more important than the food is the family.
  2. What are the perfect pair of shoes?
    For every day: ballerinas or sneakers
    For going-out: some nice, but not too high high-heels
    For working out: Running shoes obviously
    For the beach: No shoes at all 😉
  3. What is the perfect afternoon?
    The sun shining, some nice breeze, sitting on the balcony with some ice-cream and a good book to read
  4. What’s the perfect house?
    A house that has lots of space, but still feels comfy. I’d say it’s a mixture of modern design and country. I’d love it to have a big kitchen and also a sunroom or a sunny living room.
  5. What is the perfect outfit?
    Again, for every day: some jeans and a shirt
    For going out: a nice skirt or dress
    For the beach a nice linen dress and a bikini
  6. What’s the perfect wedding song?
    I haven’t found that one yet, but we’re currently on the search.
  7. What is the perfect job?
    Can’t think of anything now…
  8. What’s the perfect hairstyle?
    I normally consider the hairstyle I’m wearing the “perfect hairstyle”. For the last couple of years that’s been shoulder long hair that I can either put up in a pony tail or just do any other kind of hairstyle with…
  9. What’s the perfect music festival?
    I’m not the mucis festival kind of person, so I don’t really know.
  10. What’s the perfect day to yourself?
    A day when I get up do some yoga, have a nice long breakfast, spend some time outside and let the day end with a glass of wine on the balcony…

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