It’s my party…

Facebook’s been around for quite some time now, but sometimes I wonder what people are thinking.

Exihibit 1:

A 16 year old girl from my hometown was celebrating New Year’s Eve at her parents house with friends. Unfortunately she had posted the party on Facebook which resulted in over 200 people showing up, leaving the house destroyed after the girl’s parents had come home and called the police.

Exhibit 2:

Just some weeks ago a 17 year old boy was celebrating his birthday with his friends at a lake. The police was called, because there were over 300 people celebrating with very loud music. After ending the party some of the attendants threatened to “destroy” a nearby village – they were arrested.

Exhibit 3:

Just last weekend the birthday party of a 16 year old girl ended with over 1500 young people getting drunk in front of her house. Originally the girl had planned only to invite her closest friends and after over 1000 people confirmed their attendance the party was canceled, but that didn’t seem to be noticed. The people came nevertheless.

Honestly, I can’t believe this. I understand that this happens once, but after that people are supposed to act more responsible. There have been reports of “Facebook parties” (as we call them in Germany) almost every other week for the last year now, so people should be warned to be more careful with their personal data, but nobody seems to be interested in it.

And I don’t want to pay for police operations like these and I don’t want my tax money to be spent cleaning up after such parties. Although I acknowledge that mostly the people inviting to the party are not the ones who make the mess, but still, like with every other event the organizer should be held responsible for causing such a mess!

The end.


One thought on “It’s my party…

  1. Oh I hear ya! My husband hates Facebook after everything I’ve told him and he refuses to ever sign up. I’ve thought many times I would close my account and then I don’t. I’ve very selective of what I post now more than ever because I was tired of family drama (I didn’t post anything negative) and either mother, sister or aunt just making comments and ticking me off.

    If my child decided to post their birthday party info with our home address I would be furious–and their account would be closed.

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