Fitness Friday (1)

I’ve found myself pretty unmotivated these past few months when it came to physical activity. Talk EVERY activity. I couldn’t motivate myself to do any yoga, running or anything else and it would go so far that whenever possible I’d take an elevator rather than the staircases or ride the public transport instead of walking 2 blocks.

The result: Walking the stairs into our 2nd floor apartment will leave me panting and catching for breath.

Now, I blame part of this to my allergies, because I generally have problems with breathing in spring, but the major part, I’m sure,  can be blamed to my non-existent sports activities. This also adds up to the fact that I’m still in the comfortable position of being able to eat anything without gaining weight.

See – zero motivation.

Fortunately I had to clean up our apartment this week and while sorting through old magazines and books I came across a 30-day running program that I got some years ago. I browsed through the pages and after looking at it for some minutes I could feel my body aching again to be moved.

That was exactly what I had been yearning for. And the best part: The program is not design for weight-loss or anything like that, but simply the fact to be running 30 or 60 mins. straight.

So from this day forward, Friday will be Fitness Friday, where I’ll take a look at the week’s workout sessions.

The program is, as I said before, a 30-day program consisting of running, strengthening, stretching and break days. I’m starting with the beginners program, hoping that at the end of the 30 days I’ll be able to run 30 mins. straight.

I started this Thursday and here are the stats:

May 19 – Day 1

Time: 36:00

Pace: 15:10/mi

Distance: 2.37 mi

May 20 – Day 2

30 Day Shred, Level 1


2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday (1)

  1. I have allergies too and even with meds lately my eyes water like I have a drippy faucet. Very annoying. I need to pick up some allergy eye drops my doctor told me to try because dryness here in Colorado also doesn’t help with the watery eye situation.

    I hear ya on the motivation department. Finding it can be so difficult. But good for you for getting out there yesterday and tackling 30 Day Shred! I have 30 Day Shred and tried it last summer but I gave up at Level 2 because it whipped me out. I know you’ll do better than I did 🙂

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