Why WordPress is probably the better alternative

When I first started blogging I wasn’t sure which platform to use.

For the first blog I created some years ago, I used a German platform that I found very difficult to work with. I registered with Blogger, but found this pretty difficult, too.  So, I chose WordPress. It seemed easier to handle the posts and most of the blogs I was reading at that time were hosted by WordPress.

After a while I discovered the pros and cons of the different platforms. I found out that with Blogger there are more possibilities to have your own design without having to pay, but it’s still quite uncomfortable to post.

WordPress, on the other hand, is relatively simple and comfortable when it comes to posting. It doesn’t however offer as much design possibilities if you’re not willing to pay.

And I discovered another plus today. I still use the Google/Blogger Reader in my blogger account. But today I couldn’t get access to it for quite a while due to server problems. I’ve experienced this a couple of times and I guess that the WordPress system is more stable, because I’ve never experienced any problems with it…

So I guess, in the end I made the right choice 😉


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