Week 7 – Zodiac sign

Week 7. What’s your zodiac sign and does it fit your personality?

Being born on Dec. 23, I’m capricorn. And I am. Be sure of that.

Here are some official descriptions:

Positive traits:

  1. resourceful, but cautious
  2. disciplined
  3. practical and prudent
  4. ambitious
  5. patient and careful
  6. humorous and reserved
  7. responsible
  8. loyal

Negative traits:

  1. dictatorial
  2. conceited
  3. distrusting
  4. unimaginative
  5. selfish
  6. unfeeling/hard
  7. pessimistic
  8. grudging

And that’s so true for many parts. I am loyal, responsible, disciplined and practical. I am, however, not very patient and I can be quite harsh.

This can result in myself being “dictatorial” which makes me seem unfeeling and conceited. And I sometimes am pessimistic. Not always, but during winter I have problems staying optimistic.

And you? What’s your zodiac sign and does it fit?


One thought on “Week 7 – Zodiac sign

  1. I’m a Pisces and I think it really does fit me on many levels. Some positives: devoted, compassionate, accepting. Some negatives: oversensitive, lazy, indecisive.

    I would have to agree with all of those. The negatives sound so horrible but they are what they are. If I don’t stay on top of my game (which until lately was the case) I can get lazy–health, housework, etc. I’m a sensitive person for sure, but depending on what it’s about I might be a little overly sensitive too! The indecisive part for me comes in when I have to make a major decision and if it involves money I get wishy washy because I fear my choice will be the wrong one.

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