I have to admit something.

I love hanging around for up to an hour in my running gear AFTER I’ve run. Yeah, I know that sounds gross, but I take about that time to competely cool down. If I shower immediately after finishing my workout I’ll end up getting hot flushes. And my muscles will be a lot sorer, too.

So, that’s the deal. When I come back from a run, I’ll stretch or sometimes slip in a stretch yoga session which takes another 30 minutes. Then I’ll upload the data into the computer and edit the workout in dailymile.com. In the meantime I drink about half a litre sparkling mineral water.

Sometimes Most of the time I end up reading some blogs and checking the news and emails. Then I’ll be ready to take a shower…

Any routines that you’ve developed before or after your workouts?


One thought on “Sweaty

  1. My problem is…I need to work out. LOL.
    I never took a shower right after either (when I did). I am too hot. šŸ™‚
    I like your cool-down routine. Sounds relaxing and not gross at all.

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