Lone Time

I’ve had some lone time last week and I will have more for the next 2 weeks… Well, this is normally nothing worth stating and for any couple that lives on a long-distance relationship this isn’t anything but normal.

However, after living together for such a long time, for me it’s notable, especially as this status is for 3 weeks. What I’m doing with so much time???

I’ve been doing LOTS OF Yoga.

I’ve been extensively reading and commenting on blogs.

I’m about to finish “Tender is the night” by Scott F. Fitzgerald. A book I highly recommend if you like classics.

I’m watching all kinds of tv shows I’d normally never watch. (<– I have now idea why I do this…)

I’m meeting with friends.

I have lunch as late as 3 in the afternoon and dinner around 8.30 pm.

I’m spending some time at my parents’ place (who are also out of town) and I’ll babysit my doggie. And that will also involve a trip to the doc…

I’ll spend some time with my brother. So I don’t have any plans yet what we’ll do. Perhaps we’ll go to the public swimming pool or something similar. We’ll see.

I miss waking up in the morning and looking into the hazelnut brown eyes next to me.

I miss hearing my boyfriend singing in the shower.

I miss the evenings snuggling together on the couch.

I miss our animated talk during dinner.

I can’t wait for Friday when he’ll be back again!




3 thoughts on “Lone Time

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace and be able to do whatever YOU want to do. But of course, being reunited again is just as blissful. 🙂

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