Week 3 – Rock’n’Roll Baby

Week 3. What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

Um. That’s not really a question is it?! But let’s get to it:

Drugs: Generally I categorize everything that makes you dependent upon it as a drug. There’s no discussion for me. Let me explain.

  • Hard drugs: like Cannabis, LSD, Heroine, etc. There’s no discussion to this. They just get a strict NO. I’ve never tried any of these things and I never will. They don’t solve ANY problems, they just create them. There might only be a certain justification if the drug is used for medical reasons for very ill patients. But I’m no expert on this field.
  • Light durgs: like smoking. Yes, for me this is a light drug. Because you easily can become dependent upon it. They, too, get a strict NO from me. We had quite lax smoking laws over here allowing smoking in any public area, even in restaurants. I’ve always considered this gross. Imagine faving lunch and the guy on the net table having a cigarette.
    In the last years laws have been changed and become stricter, which I considered a huge relieve. If my kids should ever start smoking I’ll make sure they quit it immediately!
  • Alcohol: could also be considered a drug, couldn’t it!? Don’t missunderstand me. I love my glass of wine or a cool beer on a summer evening. But if you’re not handling it right it can also create lots of problems.

Sounds like I’m no person to have fun with? Then you’re completely mistaken. I am a very funny person, but without drugs and only a little bit of alcohol.

What is your opinion on drugs and alcohol?


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