Don’t be afraid. You’re not missing anything. But this is the way my screen sometimes looks like. This normally happens when I follow links from American blogs that link to youtube content, etc.

Whether it’s UMG or Sony. The screen’s always the same. I can’t watch the video, listen to the song, because I’m in Europe. I hate that. It started with Pandora some years ago.

When I first stumbled upon Pandora in 2005 it was great. I LOVED it. It was running nonstop. Then they stopped the service in Germany (and the rest of Europe I suppose). BAD 😦

Since then things have been cut back every now and then, including platforms like youtube. I also can’t watch any tv show that’s hosted by an American tv channel, like the online showings on, for example.

Since this week they’ve also cut out the previews. So, now I cannot even watch the 1.30 minute preview of the upcoming show. Which is BAD 😦

And it puts me into a dilemma. I’m not the person for dropping into illegal things. The most illegal thing I’ve ever done was talking on my cell phone while driving – which is strictly forbidden in Germany. I even stopped downloading songs from the Internet when it was made illegal.

But this is really getting on my nerves. I don’t want to wait half a year until a show airs in Germany and I don’t want to watch it in a bad synchronised German version, but in the original. I don’t want to have to search for content every time a link doesn’t work for “copyright” reasons. What’s the difference if someone in the USA watches the video or in Germany???

Which leaves me with two problems.

What am I going to do?

Do you have the same problems when I’m posting links and videos???

If so, please tell me, so I can try to find another link that works for both sides of the Atlantic and everyhwere else in the world…




4 thoughts on “Copyright…

  1. Wow, until you tweeted about it I had no idea this was even a problem. Then again, you are the first person I know through blogging/Twitter who lives in Europe. Wish I knew how to help you! Where were you trying to view the American shows online? I used, try that if you haven’t and see if you can access it.

  2. I’ve tried a lot of different platforms, included. It sometimes also depends on the content, whether I can watch something or not. I’ve found some ways around it, but still it’s getting on my nerves…

  3. You might want to try FoxyProxy for Firefox, obtain an American IP address (sometimes free, just google it), plug it in and see if it works for you now.

    Unfortunately FoxyProxy does not work for me here to watch German TV (like Pro7). It may work for you though.

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