Busy bee or a spontaneous weekend

Wow, did you see this weekend rush by? Or is it just my impression?

I guess it’s just me, because I had soo much fun within the last 72 hours… It started with a very spontanous but great decision to go to Munich on Friday night to celebrate the birthday of one of my oldest friend – the munich girl. She’s been actively leaving comments on this blog, so you might have noticed the name πŸ˜‰

We’ve been friends ever since first grade and though we only meet one or two times a year we always have lots of fun. So, last week was her birthday and she had a little celebration at a wonderful restaurant in Munich. As so often, I forgot my camera, so you’ll have to believe my telling you that the food was delicious and the atmosphere just great. We left later than planned, but I didn’t regret a minute! Thanks again for having us!

After only 5 hours of sleep (which is not enough if you’re older than 20 πŸ˜‰ ) we got up bright and early and left for my parents for breakfast. It’s always nice to have breakfast at home… The plan was originally for my boyfriend to leave me at my parents house where I’d be dogsitting for the day, but again Chica, my dog, and I spontaneously decided to tag along and come with my boyfriend to visit his parents. We or rather Chica had a nice morning and early afternoon exploring new territory.

We left later to bring Chica back and had some coffee at my parents’ house before running some errands. With the weather being so nice, we hit the gardening store and got a whole bunch of herbs for our balcony. Now, it’s a little green paradise.

Still some place left for more herbs...

We got thyme, chives, oregano, lavender, dill, laurel (or bay, I don’t know which one to use…) and rosemary and we’re planning to plant some more. I can’t wait to start cooking with fresh herbs…

On Sunday we slept in (if you can call sleeping until 7 am “sleeping in”, but that’s the time I’ll wake up) had a nice breakfast and then got dressed to drive to my boyfriend’s parents again to visit the local trade fair. It was quite interesting though I was joking that the most exciting part for me was seeing all the different colors of the agricultural machines… In fact I was so busy looking at all the things going on that I forgot to take pictures again…

We got home in the early evening and enjoyed the last bit of summer sunshine on our balcony, not wanting the weekend to end… I’m sure you know this feeling.

How was your weekend? Anything you’d been looking forward to?


2 thoughts on “Busy bee or a spontaneous weekend

  1. Oh! I adore your balcony garden! Soooo cute. πŸ™‚

    My weekend was super busy. Class on Saturday and state park on Sunday. We have wildflowers blooming called Bluebonnets and they are spectacular this time of year.

  2. woohoo! Now I’m famous πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the nice description of my birthday party and of course thank you for coming!
    Glad to hear that you had a nice weekend – same here; the weather was just brill and we headed back to my parents for the next birthday celebration with cake, relatives and sunshine. It was really great – even though I cannot boast of being as productive as you were – we went to “Media Markt” to buy some stuff for our US trip but the turnout was rather meagre: One SD-card which doesn’t work in my digital camera (as I found out after having bought it) and one navigation system for which the US maps are not yet available πŸ™‚ (so in the end we had to buy one we didn’t originally want to buy πŸ™‚ ) Maybe we should have tried buying some herbs instead πŸ™‚


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