First times

Well, with the new energy I was talking about yesterday I ventured outside bright and early this morning to do my first run ever this year.
Yes. I’m one of those runners who run  from March to October depending on the weather. I got myself some running gear last year so I could run through winter, but I never did. I did a lot of other activities though, but that’s part of another post.

So this morning was the first time of the year and I am so thankful I did go. It was a super slow run and I felt crappy for almost the entire time. I only got as far as 2 miles. Super lame as I ran more than 6 miles last summer, but you gotta start somewhere. So here are the statistics. You’ve got to double the distance as I had some problems with my Garmin…

You can see the messed up pace...
Klick on image to enlarge

I’m allright with the stats. As I write this, I’ve calmed down and I’m feeling really good, like really post-run good. So it was worth it. And I suppose I’ll recharge my super old mp3 player to take along next time…

I’m planning on running two to three times a week. Just as long as my allergies allow and then we’ll see and I have decided that come next fall I’ll get myself a gym to go to. There won’t be any more messing with training because of winter!

Have a wonderful day…


2 thoughts on “First times

  1. I have a Garmin just like that, but no running here. I need to though. During the summer, we have to run in the morning. It’s too hot during the day. Winter is actually a better time to run. Lol.

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