All things mixed up

  1. First things first. Thanks for all your kind comments last week. It was a blast taking part in the Writing Challenge and thanks for your wellwishes regarding my injury. More on that to come.
  2. I was up before 5 this morning. A Monday morning. Is this any indication of how much I was dreading this week? I’ll be all alone, because my boyfriend’s on some job travel…
  3. The weekend was great. Snowboarding on Saturday was so much fun. We had great weather – sun and spring-like temperatures and the snow was in a really good condition. Unfortunately our snowboarding teacher got two deep cuts due to an accident with another snowboarder and skier. It was no-one’s fault, just sheer bad luck.
  4. I’m sure you all did watch the Super Bowl. What a great game. I didn’t see it live, but just watched a recap which was great…
  5. I just was at the doctor’s and it turns out my hand’s not that well. The minor injuries on my fingers are ok, but the big one is not. They had to cut it open and will do so again tomorrow. Yay! Means, I’ll spend another week in bandages.
  6. I got another blogging award. Thanks to Cinnamon. I’m going to tell you more about it this week.
  7. I don’t have anything else to say today. Goodbye.

One thought on “All things mixed up

  1. oh no! your injury (and the treatment..) doesn’t sound very good! I hope you get well soon and that it doesn’t hurt too much!


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