5 Day Writing Challenge – Thursday

Today I’m writing one-handed AND left-handed. Doesn’t matter much, because at least on the computer I’m normally both-handed, but I won’t be abl to write a straight sentence with my right hand, today.


Because of that:

Yeah, some cooking accident. But never mind. I got it looked at and it’s allright…

But still, I don’t think that it’s fair! Which brings me back to today’ writing challenge.

We’re supposed to finish one or all of the following sentences:

It isn’t fair that…

If I had a million dollars, I’d …

The Best Thing I can do for the World is…

I think I’m going to answer all and put them together in one story. Makes it funnier! So here we go:

I was standing in the kitchen preparing lunch, when suddenly the water in the pot started boiling. I turned around to put the pot away. “Ouch”, I hadn’t considered that the handle would get that hot. I let go of the pot and was lucky not to spill the hot water all over the kitchen. “It isn’t fair that such things always happen to me!“, I thought while I went searching for the first aid kit and remembering all the other accidents I’d had in the kitchen. “If I had a million I’d hire a cook to prepare all my meals.”

In the afternoon I went to the doctor who said I couldn’t do much more than cool and put some burn ointment on the wound. “Great!”, I said, “the best thing I can do for the world is stay outside the kitchen or next time I’ll burn the house down.”

The End.

I know, it’s a rather lame story, but after what happened today, when I read the sentences, this was what immediately sprung to my mind. And it’s true, though I really enjoy cooking, there will hardly be a week that I don’t cut or burn a finger or almost destroy the kitchen 😉

Now hop over to the Lady Bloggers Society, grab your sentence(s) and link yourselves up!


2 thoughts on “5 Day Writing Challenge – Thursday

  1. OUCH !!! I Want you to write me an email so I have your addy. I want to send you something for going “above and beyond the blogging call of duty” in order to take part in todays challenge.


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