5 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

Whohoo! It’s already day 3 and I’m still on board… Today we can choose between 2 topics: Web Tool or Connection and I’ve chosen…


Did you meet or connect with someone from online.  Either through your blog, or one of the social media?

I cannot limit this to one person. I’ve always been actively involved in online communities. However, before I started blogging I mainly used it to communicate with my “real-life” friends, though they were already living all over the world.

I started blogging during my exchange semester in university and I liked it very much, but again, it was primarily to inform people at home in Germany what was going on…

I returned to the bloggosphere in 2009 and was overwhelmed by the community. I’ve since met many incredible personalities. What I love so much about blogging and the community is the spirit, the motivations, the encouragement. And I get to “learn” so much, about the different ways of life on the different continents. I’ve started to become more active and look at things more closely. I’m more aware of the small things in everyday life. I’ve started to think about my own life, where I want to go, what I want to do…

And I don’t want to miss a single thing!

Now head over to the Lady Bloggers Society and link yourself up!


5 thoughts on “5 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

  1. A great many of us feel we have connected with like minds on line.
    I know that the people i know online have very successfully filled what was missing with the people i know personally.
    Artists, poets, writers etc

  2. Sometimes I retreat to the people that I know online, because the ones that I know in the “real” world have dissapointed me in some way. Reminds me of my childhood. When I was sad or my family had made me mad I would pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple (for my horse) and I’d jump on her back and head to the woods. I had myself, and my imagination and my best friend that never judged me. Online friends can sometimes be JUST WHAT WE NEED.

    Thanks for hanging in there for Day 3

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