5 Day Writing Challenge – Tuesday

Day 2 of the 5 day writing challenge over at the Lady Bloggers Society. Today it’s…

are you RED or PINK?


I’d say I’m pink. I’ve been very pink when I was a child. I’d wear mostly pink, purple, etc… I LOVED those colors.

And I still like pink. I like to think that I can wear it better than red, which doesn’t go very well with my somewhat pale skincolor… Myfavorite piece of pink clothes are my purple shoes… I found them by accident never intending to buy them, but in the end I did.

On the picture they look more reddish than they are in reality. They are incredibly comfortable to walk in and go well with most of the clothes in my wardrobe, but I’m getting sidetracked…

Tell me, are you red or pink? Join the fun over at the Lady Bloggers Society


5 thoughts on “5 Day Writing Challenge – Tuesday

  1. Im here from LBS and I as well am doing the five day challenge. Im really having fun! I have just started blogging just before Christmas. And this past week found LBS. Im having a great time. Love your flowers in your blog. What brand of shoes are they. I love love shoes. Especailly if they are comfortable.

    1. Beth. Welcome in the bloggosphere… I bought the shoes at a store calles “pimkie” and I’m afraid they only sell in Europe, but perhaps they ship international…

  2. Thank you so much for taking part in the challenge. People say I look good in red, but who really knows? Have a great day. Still love your name. How do you pronounce it?


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