Living on a budget (365/26)

Since moving together with my boyfriend last September I’ve mostly been in charge of grocery shopping. Now, my mom thankfully raised me to a responsible budgeting, but I never really started watching prices. It didn’t matter much, because we more or less bought the same stuff every week.

But, since moving, I’ve been going to a different grocery shop and this makes a HUGE difference. Prices are a lot lower there, but the quality is still great. Of course, I still try to buy organic food for most things. Today I was there again and I paid 25 €, that’s about $35, but the stuff I bought lasts for about 1.5 weeks. Together with the groceries I buy at other shops that makes about $30-40 a week for food.

And since I’ve been asked more than once about the exact price of one or the other thing I’ve even started watching the prices and evaluating what I want to buy and what not. That’s extremely helpful with fresh vegetables or fruit.


7 thoughts on “Living on a budget (365/26)

  1. You are doing extremely well! I wish I could buy groceries for that. It’s probably poor planning on my part. I think if I did a meal plan, I could get our bill down. It’s somewhere around $100.00US per week. Yikes!

    1. I’d like to add that groceries are just more expensive in the US.
      If you look at all the items that you bought – they all cost well below 1€… most of the things cost at least $2-3 dollars in comparison. So, if you do the math, $100 per week for groceries is really not that bad πŸ˜‰ (I personally spend more ;))

  2. I was just going to say what San commented on already. Cheese can easily cost you $2-3 in the US. Good cheese even more. Besides budgeting, I found out that portioning your food is very very important. I used to cook too much at once and since I hate leftovers, I through out most of the food. Now I rather make less for dinner and add a salad or fruit if it’s not enough. It seems to work and saves us a lot of money.

  3. Yeah, I noticed that things are more expensive in the US when I was in Florida in November, but $100 a week and doing good whoa!

    The trick with the smaller portions and adding a salad sounds really good. I tend to make more than needed, too and end up eating either too much or lots of leftovers… I think I’ll try that one…

  4. Wow! under 40euro a week? Just fore you or fore your boyfriend aswell?
    Its a bit more expensive here i Norway, but we spend something between 100 and 130 euro a week in the supermarked.
    Hugs πŸ™‚

  5. Yeah. I was surprised, too, when I found out, because I hadn’t been paying much attention for a long time… But I think it’s also, because we really plan what we need and on workdays we don’t need any lunch…

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