IKEA – paradise for everyone who likes furniture and home decoration. I withstood the great urge to buy the whole stock and just returned what was broken.


One thought on “365/18

  1. my dear, my dear,

    this is completely unrelated to this post but maybe even not so … as now has finally come the time to not only view your furniture from afar but visit you in person 🙂

    because, by some strange stroke of luck, as of today, i am no student anymore.

    so when do you want to be visited? 🙂 (after the 4th of feb this could also be together with martin who up until then still has to revise for his oral tax adviser exam)

    I am very much looking forward to seeing your beautiful flat in real!

    the munich girl 🙂 xxx

    (and btw: good thing, go to ikea and NOT buy the whole stock. I don’t think i’d have as much discipline as there are so many sparkly, fluffy and furry things to be bought and stuffed somewhere 🙂 )

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