A neverending story

I think I mentioned that we had a problem in our apartment back in November. I always ment to tell you about it, but I never did. But now, that the whole affair seems to be successfully over I am able to talk about what happened.

One Sunday in late October we discovered some strange stains on the wall while we were having breakfast. On closer examination it seemed to be water stains. Immediately we were alarmed. We called our landlord who stopped by the same day.

Together we decided to call an emergency plumber to take a look at our bathroom to find out whether there is any leakage. This guy got over an hour later and upon opening the bathtub found out that there had been done some damage and that some of the water from the bathtub had continually going NEXT to the drain. He was able to quickly fix the damage but the walls were wet already. It seems that during the renovations prior to our moving into the apartment this summer something was screwed and that water had been escaping ever since we moved in in September.

Our next call was for the carpenter to remove the floor in our living room. This is what the floor looked like:

Mold everywhere on a space of about 2m². You can imagine we were thrilled.

Thankfully our landlord was very intend on getting things done as quickly as possible, but the insurance company wasn’t. Since we discovered the damage in October I’ve spent endless hours on the phone calling insurance agents, plumbing companies, and don’t ask me whowelse.

We  lived in the middle of a construction site for over 2 months.

The floor was put back finally on December 30. We were beyond happy. Until last week when we discovered that there’s yet another leakage in the bathtub that needs to be fixed. Is there never going to be an end???


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