1 year of 101 in 1001

The Mission:    Do 101 things within 1001 days.

Start date:          January 5, 2010
End date:            October, 2, 2012

It’s been 1 year since I started the 101 thing in 1001 days project. So I thought it might be nice to make a review of what I have achieved and what is still missing:

Not yet started.
In progress.

  1. Travel to the US and Canada.Accomplished Nov. 4 to Nov. 24, I travelled to Miami, FL.
  2. Visit a country in Europe that I haven’t been to yet (other than Poland).
  3. Go to Poland and visit the area (around Worzlaw/Breslau) where my grandma was born.
  4. Do 3 hiking tours in the Alps.
  5. Have a girls vacation (at least, two days). Accomplished March 14, 2010
  6. Travel to the sea once.
  7. Start learning Chinese.
  8. Finish my Business Administration degree. I’m still writing my diploma thesis, but the countdown’s running, I have until March 7…
  9. Get a full-time job after graduation.
  10. Get my own apartment.Accomplished Sept. 2010, I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend.
  11. Decorate my apartment.Still in progress…
  12. Have a party in my apartment.
  13. Start a sport that I really like and practice regularly.Accomplished Feb. 8, 2010, I just LOVE snowboarding and one really needs some good arguments to keep me off the hills.
  14. Practice Yoga daily for at least 3 months in a row. I’ve been pretty constant since my yoga retreat in November, but it’s a long way to 2 months 😉
  15. Go running three times a week for 2 months in a row. I was pretty good this summer, but stopped running in fall and I didn’t get to 3 times a week, but I’ll try again this summer.
  16. Take part in a marathon/half marathon.
  17. Go swimming once a week for 2 months in a row.We started to go swimming to our local indoor swimming pool this fall and have been pretty much every week. I forgot to count however, but I guess that it’s been 2 months and we’re continuing, so I’ll give this a check.
  18. Get contact lenses.Accomplished Jan. 25, 2010, I’m not wearing them very often, however.
  19. Wear make-up on workdays for two months in a row.
  20. Wear a skirt once a week. Clearly Failed, as I haven’t been wearing a skirt more than three times since starting this feature!
  21. Buy a wedding dress.
  22. Get up at 6 am three weeks in a row. No problem at all. I even started getting up at 5 recently to do some morning meditation and yoga.
  23. Try a different restaurant and type of cuisine, at least six times a year. Uhm, could I have another 6 days for 2010. Honestly, I had completely forgot about this one. I think I can name three restaurants that were new this year:
    –  Azteakas, steak restaurant in my hometown
    – Sausalitos, Mexican cuisine and bar
    – A bavarian restaurant I don’t remember the name of
  24. Make a Top 50 list of my favorite recipes AND cook/bake them all.
    Just click on the “Yummy Food” button on the left and you’ll find some of my favorite recipes. Not all 50 of them yet…
  25. Live on organic and healthy food for one entire month. It’s difficult to live like this, considering what healthy is you get a whole kind of different things…
  26. Try a new cheese every month. (8)
    – Walnut Cheese (January)
    – Goose Cheese (February)
    – Fig Cheese (March) I loved this one… really tasty
    – Wild Flower Cheese (May)
    – Cave Cheese (also May)
    – King Ludwig Cheese (August)
    – “Homemade” Mountain Cheese (September)
    – French Mountain Cheese (December)
  27. Have a candlelight dinner.
  28. Start up a garden (or balcony) and grow my own food.
  29. Read and study the bible through once.Reading Numbers…
  30. Go to church at least twice a month.Could be considered failed. I didn’t go to church nearly as much as twice a month, but the number of times I’ve in general has increased a lot…
  31. Do a photography course.
  32. Learn how to knit properly.
  33. Knit three pairs of socks.
  34. Knit a sweater.
  35. Make a box (D-I-Y) to place all my jewelry inFinished on April, 23 2010
  36. Finish writing my book.
  37. Update my blog 4 times a week for one monthFinished Feb. 28, 2010
  38. Make 18 Random-Tuesday-Thoughts posts. (18/18) I started seriously doing the Ten on Tuesdays posts some time around March which I enjoyed a lot more and stopped doing the Random Tuesday Thoughts. WordPress says I’ve got 27 Ten on Tuesdays posts, so I’ll give this one a check.
  39. Make 18 Wordless Wednesday posts. (1/18)
  40. Change the blog’s design (at least change the photo in the header) according to the season or at least four times a year. (4/4+x) I’ve been experimenting a lot with the blog design and finally decided to stop doing this after 4 times and stick to the same design. I’ll just change the header picture according to the season…
  41. Go to the Botanic garden for the cherry blossoming.
  42. Have a picknick. During our bike tour in September we had a wonderful picknich. Like always, I forgot to take the camera along.
  43. Send 10 postcards, just for fun.
  44. Make a birthday list and send a card to everyone on the list.
  45. Read 25 books off the Time Top 100 List.
    – A clockwork orange,  Finished April 11th 2010
    – A Passage to India
  46. Read and finish Ulysses.
  47. Watch 25 movies off the AFI 100 movies in 100 years list.
  48. Watch 25 movies in the theatre. (8/25)
    – The Rebound
    –  Did you hear about the Morgans
    –  Sherlock Holmes
    –  Up in the Air
    – The bounty hunter
    – Prince of Persia
    – Twilight Ecplise
    – Harry Potter 7
  49. Send 25 Christmas cards out on Dec. 1.
  50. Write a short year-in-review for the Christmas cards.
  51. Contact all 5 of my neighborhood friends from my childhood and go out together.
  52. Get all Christmas presents before December.
  53. Not fight with my brother for 4 weeks in a row.I feel like cheating on this one, because now that I moved out I barely see him anymore and we don’t get any chances to start a fight 😉
  54. Go to a ballet show.We went to a nice ballet/musical show where my boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend performed. It was sooo nice.
  55. Go to an opera.
  56. Go to five different museums, including arts.
    – Went to the tim, local textile museum
  57. Go to a carnaval party.
  58. Go to the Octoberfest (Bavaria’s Beer festival).
  59. Play the piano twice a week for 3 months.
  60. Learn to play the guitar properly.
  61. Start singing in a choir.
  62. Go to a karaoke.
  63. Sleep outside.
  64. Compliment 10 people.It’s easier to do this than I thought. But most astonishingly most people think you’re making fun of them instead of being happy about the compliment.
  65. Clean out my closet thoroughly and donate the clothes I don’t need.Accomplished Aug. 2010
  66. Complete a no spend month each year (which means 2010, 2011, 2012). Uhm, ohm. I didn’t really stick to this. Perhaps during the summer I was rather saving a lot of money, but not consciously decided that this was a no spend month.
  67. Unplug for a long weekend (from Thursday, 00.00 am to Sunday 12.00 pm)I’ve had a lot of unplug-weekends, but most of the time you didn’t notice, because I had a post scheduled and I seldomly post on the weekends…
  68. Donate blood. I’ll still have to gain at least 5 kg (about 10lbs) to be able to do this.
  69. Register for stem cell donation. (Jan. 15, 2010)
  70. Find out 100 things that make me happy. There are a lot of simple things that make me happy… I’ll tell you another time.
  71. Become the godparent of a child in a developing country.
  72. Make a scrapbook of my 101 things.
  73. Make a new 101 list.
  74. Save 10% of my monthly income.
  75. Save 10 € for each goal achieved.
  76. Donate 10 € for each goal achieved.
  77. Get two savings boxes for the money I save and the donation money.(Feb. 10, 2010)

So, looking at the list I’ve come a long way. Of course, there are still a lot of things I need to do, but I’ve still got time. And by just taking small steps, I’m sure I’ll get successfully on…

I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. Instead of waiting for New Year, why don’t we start now. Immediately. And why do we limit ourselves to one year. Why not prolongue the time a bit, but then do things seriously. That’s why I started the 101… Do you have your 101?


3 thoughts on “1 year of 101 in 1001

  1. You’ve done very well!!

    I sucessfully quit smoking Jan. 1, 2006. I never thought resolutions worked until then. Five years smoke free. This year I am just trying to work on learning more about photography. Excited about that.

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