Ten on Tuesday

It’s Tuesday again. If you’re new, klick on the button above to get over to Chelsea who is hosting Ten on Tuesday. If you know the game, enjoy my answers…

  1. What type of home do you currently reside in? (house, apartment, etc.)
    I currently live in an apartment. What seemed to be every homeowner’s dream last summer has become a nightmare these last few months. I’ll tell you more later this week.
  2. If you could completely redecorate one room in your home, what room would you pick, why, and what would you do to it?
    Well, the study is still undecorated. So I’d probably decorate this room first before starting to redecorate anything 😉
  3. What is your favorite place to gain inspiration for your home decor style?
    We have a shop in Germany called “Butlers” where you can get a lot of stuff for decorating. Else I love to look at housing/crafting blogs to see if there’s something that inspires me.
  4. What is your favorite piece of decor in your home?
    That’s difficult to say. There are so many things I like. One is definitely the sewing machine frame. This picture is from last fall, but it just goes with whatever I choose to decorate it with…
  5. What do you want visitors to feel when they visit your home? Do you think your home gives off that feeling?
    Uhm. I hope they feel comfortable and welcome and that our apartment gives the feeling that it is a home to someone (ie. me and my boyfriend)
  6. Describe your home in one word and explain why you chose that word.
    Comfortable.  If I ignore the problems in our bathroom I love being at home. When I’ve been away for some days there’s nothing better than cuddling on the sofa…
  7. What are some predominant colors or patterns in your home?
    Most of the walls were painted white before we moved in. So concerning wall color it’s white. In the living room however, we painted one wall blue and went for a blue/white beachy theme. Our sleeping room has a red/black/white scheme and for our kitchen I’m planning to go for green this spring.
  8. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
    The living room. I love the decoration, layout, size, furniture. Everything.
  9. Do you take a hands-on or DIY approach to projects around your home or do you enlist or hire help?
    DIY as far as it’s possible.
  10. Where is your favorite place to shop for home furnishings?
    I love going to IKEA. But I also love to look around flea markets or vintage shops.

If you’d like to see more pictures of our apartment, click here or on the “Being creative” button on the left. And now that you know what my home looks like I’d like to know your answers. So, head over to Chelsea and link yourself up!


2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Your place sounds very welcoming! I love the beach theme in the living room. Blue is very relaxing. And I adore your sewing machine. That was a find!

    My house is a work in progress. We have a lot to do to make it ours.

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