Thoughts between the years

I have about 25 draft posts waiting in the drafts folder to be finished and published.

Does this say anything about me? I don’t know.

It’s mainly recipes, travel stories, etc. I think it perfectly shows how my life runs. I life my everyday life. Then things happen all. the. time. They happen. I watch. I suffer. I am happy. And then life goes on. I barely have a chance to take a break and catch up.

Looking at all the posts that went online this year I could say that about 80% of the year I had something to say. 80% Is this much? Or not so much?

Does this also mean that 20% of the year I didn’t have to say anything? I guess rather not. I’d say that during these 20% I just wasn’t able to blog, because

Yeah, why?

I didn’t get all my stories on the internet that I meant to tell you. Some I’ll just tell you next year. Doesn’t matter.

I hope you had a great year 2010. I did. So much has happened, changed for the good and the bad. I have grown stronger.

Thank you to all of you who have read my blog throughout the year!

Enjoy the last moments of this year and look forward to next year and what it will bring!


2 thoughts on “Thoughts between the years

  1. I always write on the fly. I write when I post. I rarely have drafts. Wonder what that says about me?

    It’s kinda cool to think of analyzing blog writers and their techniques.

    I hope your New Year was wonderful. I look forward to all you have to say. šŸ™‚

  2. You’re right. It’s really interesting to look at the different techiques of blog writers.
    Most of the times I get an idea for a post, but don’t have the time to immediately write the post. So I’ll just make a draft post with the general idea and then later write the full post…

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