I feel like I’ve run a marathon

I had only one day left and was feeling a bit panicky. I had so many things I still wanted to see. So I got up quick and early on my last full day in Miami and was out the door at 9 am. Yes. 9 am. I almost hit the morning rush hour. My destinations today were:

  • Campus of University of Miami
  • Coral Gables and the Venetian Pool

I took the bus downtown and then the Metrorail down south. My first stop: 

It’s totally different from a German university campus. It’s more like a small town itself, with an own bus system and police. What I particularly liked were the licence plates with the university logo on it. I’m still thinking about getting myself one of those…

After I had walked over the campus for some time, I headed back to the metro to ride up north just one station to Coral Gables.

I took the electronic trolley from the metro station to Miracle Mile where I had lunch and then just continued to walk along the streets taking in impressions. 

I was loosely following the route towards Venetian Pool a public swimming pool from the 1920. Unfortunately, it was closed, but I still got a nice impression on what it looked like. If there was a town to choose to move to, it would probably be Coral Gables. It was so peaceful, green and everything reminded me of paradise…

During my quick lunch at Starbucks I met a nice guy who patiently endured my questions 😉 On my ride down on the metro the train had stopped at a station called Villa Vizcaya. I had read about this place in my guide, but it hadn’t given clear instructions on how to get there and I thought that it would be too far to walk by foot. But – as the guy told me – it was just over the street from Villa Vizcaya metro station! A look at my watch told me that I still had some time left of the day so again I hopped on the metro to take a look at Villa Vizcaya.

Join me again next time for the last part of my trip – my visit to Villa Vizcaya.


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