One thing I didn’t really think I’d be doing was going to the Everglades. Don’t ask me why, I just didn’t consider it, thinking I’d be busy enough just getting around the Miami area. And I was, but I also got lucky and was able to make a trip to the Everglades Holiday Park.

After having studied hard for one week we got Friday off after breakfast to do whatever we liked. First, we thought about going to the beach, but then someone mentioned the alligators and we were all hooked.

Of course, I know alligators from the zoo. I know how they look, but the possibility of experiencing them in real life? I’m in it!

So we took of to make a 1 hour boat tour with one of those air boats to search for alligators. As it was “winter” in Florida (which equals German summer) and pretty cold (around the mid 70s) chances were pretty high that we would actually see one or two.

Well, we were beyond lucky. We got to see 4 alligators and one was even active, swimming behind another air boat! We also got to see some other wild life, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture those with my camera. Still, we had a great time, learned a lot and captured even more memories to tell our kids of!

After the boat tour we got to see the Alligator Show.

Well, it wasn’t really a show, but they had some alligators that were captured in swimming pools – very creepy if you ask me – that they were keeping for taking them back into the wildlife and they also had baby alligators…


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