Becoming a teacher

After experiencing all the benefitials of a regular Yoga practice I had been planning to become a Yoga teacher for about a year before I registered for this course. And it was the best decision I could make!

The course I took is the 200 hour teacher’s training course, approved of by the Yoga Alliance. It’s the basics teaching course every yoga teacher should have, as it covers all relevant aspects of yoga:

  • Asanas = the different yoga postures, also referred to as Hatha Yoga
  • History and philosophic aspects of Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Satsang = the singing of Mantras to help with meditation
  • Anatomy of the human body
  • How Yoga can positively influence the body
  • Ayurveda

When I got there my aim was to learn more about the “side dishes” of Hatha Yoga. After the two weeks I now know that Hatha Yoga is only a supplement of Yogic life and that there’s so much more you can do. Now I can’t wait to start teaching which I will probably do come next spring.

I leave you with a picture of our group at the end of the course when we were happily graduated. Join me again next time for some non-yoga-related tales on how I met alligators…


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