I hate love my copmuter! It’s an Acer Aspire3000. When I bought it back in 2005 it was brand new. It served me well, never failing me or complaining when I took it once more on one of my many trips.

But, it has seen better days. The battery broke some months ago. I have to be very careful with uploading new programs to make sure it keeps running. It doesn’t have a card reader, nor a camera. It’s microphone is crap and so are the speakers. And the keyboard shows how many letters I’ve typed in those 5 years.

Nontheless, I love it. I don’t have to be very careful with it, because I know that it’s almost undestructible. I know that it will carry me savely through the next months while I’m writing my thesis. And I shy away from looking for a new laptop, knowing that it won’t have all these features I love so much about this one.

Of course, I’ve got a second one, a small netbook that I bought some time ago. It’s a lot smaller and lighter and it’s become my new travel companion. But for my everyday life I still prefer to use my “vintage” laptop from Acer. I can’t help it ;-).


One thought on “Vintage

  1. Ha, I have a “vintage” laptop from 2005 myself (it’s a Dell) and despite some minor issues, it’s still holding up well.

    I do want a new laptop at some point though… I am getting scared that one day it will fail me.

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