Jewellry Hanger – Part 2

This post was originally written in April 2010. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

When I first showed you the result I wasn’t yet finished, because I hadn’t yet figured out how to do the part where I hang the earrings. There was this vast white spot which bothered me quite a while.

BUT – I finally got everything down and found the right stuff and figured out how to finish the board. Here’s the result:

I bought the transparent plastic hanger in the Internet. Cost me about $15. I fixed it to the board with two tiny nails, so I can take it off when I need a pair of earrings. There are also two wooden sticks on the sides to keep it stable. I love the design, because now the earrings seem to be floating in the air.

And did you see the golden rings right at the bottom of the second picture? My dad got them for me. Of course, they’re only fake, but they’re so glittery and girly… I had to show them off ;-).


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