København – Day 2

This post was originally written in November 2009. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

Looking out of our window in the morning, we decided to enjoy our second day by the seaside talking a long stroll along the piers. As you can see on the map below, it was quite a distance:

We started from our hotel, which lies basically next to the piers. The picture of the hotel that you can see in the other post was taken as we were standing on the piers. Walking along the mixture and combination of old and new was to be found at each corner. Below you see a picture of the “Black Diamond” on the left and an old town house on the right.

The Black Diamond houses the Royal Library and is one of the most recently built architectural jewels of the city, along with the Opera, which you see below:

The Opera was built (and also financed) by the owner of the company Maersk, one of the biggest Logistics companies of the world. It was a point of great discussions and fights and some Copenhageners refer to it as the toaster of Copenhagen.

It lies directly in front of Amalienborg Castle., which you see on the left picture above. Amalieborg is the home of Queen Margarete and her husband and a part of the castle is momentarily being renovated for the Prince, Frederik and his wife Mary. While we were taking a look at the castle’s outsides we were lucky to witness the change of the guards that takes places every day at noon. It was really interesting and also a bit funny, especially to watch us tourists as we gathered around the guards to get the best shot… There was also police, andt it seemed as if they were guarding the guards, to protect them from the tourists ;-).

Afterwards we went farther north to the Castelet and to see the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen’s most pictured and most famous sight:

The statue was comissioned in 1909 after a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. It has since then been the victim to vandalism, being showered with color or having the head or an arm amputated.

Just around the corner of the Little Mermaid lies the old Castelet, an old fort that houses the marine’s soldiers today.

However, it is open to the public for recreational purposes and it is a really wonderful place to take a stroll along the old walls. Copenhageners living in this area also use it as a running track.

If you take your time, as we did, it’s a stroll worth for one day, because there are so many things to see. We didn’t do anything else that day than have a good dinner at my cousin’s…

Wait for the stories of what we did on day 3 and 4…


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