København – Day 1

This post was originally written in November 2009. It’s part of the series of posts I wish more people had read and which I will repost during my absence…

Travelling experiences from Copenhagen.

We took the flight from Munich right in the morning, which meant that we had to get up at 4 in the morning to catch an early train to the airport. The flight was quiet and uneventful. Uunfortunately there were clouds blocking the view all the way up to Denmark, though we had hoped to get a glimpse of Öresund bridge.

We landed at Copenhagen Airport at 10.30 AM and went directly to our hotel: WakeUp Copenhagen. This s a 2* bed and breakfast freshly built only this year, just around the corner of Copenhagen Main Station.

After disposing of our luggage we went immediately off into the city, because we wanted to use the last few shreds of daylight to get a first impression of the city. You can follow our tour with this map:

Starting at our hotel, we first went to the main station looking for a tourist information to get some information and a map. After a unsuccessful search within the main station, we were lucky passing the information center while we were strolling along TIVOLI, a huge entertainment park in the middle of the city, open in summer and before Christmas. (Unfortunately the Christmas fair started on Nov. 20 after we left…)

We continued towards the old city center crossing the Main Plaza with the Mayor’s house, strolling along the pedestrian precinct. It’s a lovely place. There are a lot of old buildings. Their architecture reminded me of the old harbour city in Hamburg, Germany.

Our tour ended at Nyhavn a part of the old port, famous for its wonderfully painted houses and boats:

I have to admit that we didn’t have perfect pciture weather as it was quite gloomy and rainy throughout the whole time, but we tried our best!!! You can find more photos that we took on at http://www.flickr.com/photos/deiala. Wait for more pics and stories about Copenhagen during the next days…


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