Sunday, October 31

In some regions, like in Germany Friday 13 is the number of bad luck. However, this year’s Halloween qualifies for Friday 13, too.

We woke up in the morning to nicely warm and sunny weather, thanks to a regional weather phenomenon that sweeps hot weather from Italy over the Alps to Southern Germany.

In a wish for resh air I opened the window and a pair of screws flew down on me – after working fine for 30 years, one of the windows in our bedroom decided to literally  “screw up”. After some fumbling around we were able to close it again, at least.

While sitting in our dining/sitting room for breakfast just an hour later we discovered the strange stains on the wall of the room. Tiny dark brown spots, just above floor level. We left things at that for the moment, with the plan on examining everything a little closer after breakfast. We shouldn’t were rather lucky to do so, because the stains resulted to be water leaking from some unkown place, along with mold and soaked floor boards.

We immediately called our landlord who said she’d come later in the afternoon.

For lunch, we had burritos and for dessert tiramisù. While preparing these dishes I almost broke a set of bowls and our coffee machine. By that time, I wasn’t to sure if I should venture to go outside for the rest of the day, but I can assure you that I’m still unhurt, while writing this two days later.

Our landlord got here around 5 in the afternoon. She was relieved that we had discovered the damage at such an early stage and accorded that all measures neccessary should be taken immediately. We called for the emergency plumber who discovered a potential leakage in the bathtub which he immediately tended to. Yesterday evening we had a floorer/carpenter around who removed part of the floor.

Now, we’ll have to let things dry and then start the renovation which will possibly take until Christmas. Sure one Halloween I won’t forget…


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