Sweet Dreams…

I’ve finally managed to take AND upload the photos of our bedroom. I’ve contemplated publishing them even before I took the pictures, because I feel like letting you all see something really private.  But, the room turned out just too perfect and it would be a pity not to show you.

As the living-room theme was mainly centred around blue we decided to bring some other color to our sleeping room: red and black. Unfortunately the apartment, like most apartments in Germany, doesn’t have a walk-in closet. It’s just not normal around here. So, one wall was going to be completely covered with the closet. So, to not make the room too crowdy, we left the closet white.

3.5m for our clothes. Do I have to feel bad, because they barely fit in?

On the wall opposite to the closet we have our king size bed. I wanted something that would catch the eye – and got a black wooden bed.

I love the way it feels and fits into the room and I’m really happy that I had the guts to buy it.

Next to the bed stands the dresser. I wanted a dresser in the bedroom with drawers. I didn’t have one in my old room and dearly missed it. We stumbled upon this one when we were looking for a bed. It’s from the same series, but was available in a screaming red, we immediately fell in love.

You can see the jewellry hanger above, which I made this spring. The golden jewel case was a present from my grandma some years ago. It’s too small to keep all my jewellry in and I’m using it mainly as decoration.

Another piece that reminds me of my grandma is this wonderful vintage chair. It’s not really vintage. My grandma did the embroidery herself. It doesn’t really fit the color theme, but I love the design and decided to put it into the bedroom anyways.

Apart from the stool, everything else fits into the color scheme, even the dream catcher I brought from my old room.

I’m posting this picture mainly, so you can see the curtain, which again is black, red and white.

Fast forward to going to bed and waking up. These nice little lamps spread a wonderfully warm and cosy light.

If you asked me what my favorite piece of the room is, I’d say the dresser. Why? Because of its color. Just great.

Do you have a favorite piece in your bedroom that you couldn’t live without?


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