I feel like I’m in Forks…

… and this only some 20 minutes from our front door. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we were driving through the forest. I guess that applies for most forests, but this one particularly reminded me of the movies.

We were on a biking tour along river Lech (which actually lies only a few hundred meters from our apartment), again. The area is lovely, if you like nature within city limits.

Just around the corner is this train bridge, also called “Osram-Bridge” (referring to the light bulb company Osram). It’s great. There are two levels. On the top level is a one way track for the train and on the lower level pedestrians and bikes can cross the river.

As the track is only used ever so often you’ll find tons of people also on the top of the bridge enjoying the sun. Of course, we all want to feel adventurous from time to time ;-).





Some way up the river is this wonderful cascade. On the left side (not pictured) runs a hydro-electric power plant and on the rest of the length the water runs freely down. When there is not much water running down the river you will only hear a faint trickling of water, however when there has been lots of rain the water will be thunderously rushing down…

Going up the river a little farther you’ll get to another plant called “Hochablaß”. This dam goes back to the 14th century and was used to bypass some of the water from the river into the city. During the centuries this dam was deleted and rebuilt several times, the last restoration dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Nowadays, it’s a popular reacreation area with a lake nearby to go swimming and hiking paths leading into every direction. And it feels like vacation spending time there.

You can walk across the dam – which I suppose will become one of my favorite activities on nice days. It feels almost like walking down 5th Ave. It’s all about seeing and being seen…

And then, there’s also the Olympic canoe route where the canoeing competitions in the 1972 took place. Today it’s the German headquarters for canoeing federation.

And as fall’s finally settling in I couldn’t help myself collecting some chestnuts for decoration…


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